The key to choosing the best VoIP phone system is planning. While communication is vital for any company, it is important to take the time to find the right solution.

VoIP will be the future of business communications. It’s up to 60% less expensive than traditional phone systems, is fast and infinitely scalable, and offers a wide range of advanced features not available on traditional telephone systems.


A VoIP phone system for everyone

Although it may seem that all phones are created equal, the features of a VoIP telephone can be customized to each user’s needs. You can tailor a phone to your needs, whether a sales representative, support agent, marketer, or director. For example, sales will require an expansion module to handle many calls, while support will need call recording. Directors will also need VIP lines and call routing via a PA.


Your office, small or large

Some aspects of your new phone system infrastructure will depend on your office’s size and location. Your office’s operation will influence some of the decisions.

  • Do you think the staff numbers are fixed or fluctuate?
  • Are you likely to send or receive large data while making calls?
  • Are you looking for a secure or encrypted line to transmit sensitive information?
  • Are you hosting conference calls?
  • Are you looking for offices overseas?


12 Tips for Choosing the Best VoIP Phone System


  1. Browse

You can shop around for the best price, and you should always get similar quotes based on your requirements and not predefined packages. Some providers offer a price match service.


  1. View their awards

Industry Awards show that a company has been recognized for its quality products and services. Find out when the award was the last won and whether it is in a category that matches your industry.


  1. Compare Call Price plan.

You should check whether an inclusive plan covers your international or mobile calls. You may need to pay extra minutes if you exceed your allowance.


  1. Free trial

You can try it before you buy it. If they don’t allow you to, you should say goodbye. It is important to test any potential system in real life before deciding. Get a free trial, and put it to work in your office.


  1. SLAs (Service Level Agreement)

The Service Level Agreement defines the service level that can be expected. They can differ between providers, so get a copy and compare. A 3 hour turnaround time is usually offered for faults.


  1. View the small print

Unlimited does not necessarily mean unlimited. Check the fair usage policy to determine which destinations and numbers are excluded from your call plan. And also, you need to check the subscription automatically renewal or need to contact them regularly. 


  1. Talk to your existing customers.

Read reviews (Trustpilot is a very popular platform), testimonials, and case studies to get a sense of the people they have worked with. Then, talk to an existing customer about your experience.

  • Are unified Communications available?


A VoIP service provider can be your one-stop shop for all communications needs. Most providers have made this possible under “unified communications as a Service (UCaaS). It allows you to integrate your chat functionality, conference call, email, phone calls, voicemail, and video calls into one app. However, all of the reviewed services offer this type of service. Not every VoIP provider does it in the same way. There is some overlap with group messaging apps. These were originally designed to help organize text messages and document collaboration but have since been extended to include voice and video-conferencing.


Each business’ needs are unique, and each company has its communication preferences. A unified system allows businesses to communicate using multiple channels other than voice.


  1. Training and Tutorials

Do you offer training? What level of support or training is available? Some staff may need additional help if VoIP is new in your company.


  1. See the term options.

Some providers offer flexible rolling contracts or fixed-term contracts. Learn how these affect the overall cost and how upgrades or other services change the contract term.


  1. Don’t Fear!

Independent consultants are available for those who don’t know how to code or have no IT resources. You will use the system every day, so it is important to understand the product fully.

  • See the Support

The quality of your service is as important as any product. Unfortunately, you’ll be limited to a single user and will only be able to call someone during the 12-hour block Monday through Friday. You need a service provider who can answer your questions immediately if you have a global business that requires assistance around the clock. You might consider looking elsewhere if they cannot offer this, especially if you rely on your phone system for communication with clients.