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The Miracle of Life: How to Prepare Your Home for Your First New Addition

Starting a family is a beautiful thing. Being prepared to start a family, however, is another matter entirely. For first-time parents, the road from first getting your test results to bringing your new baby home can be a daunting one – and that’s not even including the tumultuous first-year crash-course in parenthood that comes afterward. Listening to your loved ones and taking their advice will be your best resource during this exciting time, but it can also be beneficial to know the steps you should be taking throughout your pregnancy:

  1. Being Healthy

A healthy mother means a healthy baby, which is why you should take this time to improve your diet. Ensure you are eating enough nutrients from the best sources. Your doctor should be able to advise you appropriately on what is best to eat (and not to eat) for the health of your baby; also know that the notion of “eating for two” is no longer relevant. You will also need to get regular check-ups and tests from your doctor. They will make a schedule for you, so ensure you make all your appointments so that you can monitor your baby’s health and progress.

  1. Take a Childbirth Education Course

Nothing can truly prepare you for childbirth, but taking a childbirth education course can help give you the knowledge and steps that can make the childbirth process easier. Aim to start your course around the fourth month of your pregnancy, as many classes take several weeks to complete and you want to conclude it before your 37th week, in case you go into early labour.

  1. Notify Your Employer

As you will likely be taking maternal leave, it’s crucial that you notify your employer. Aim do to this four to five months before you are due, to give your employer enough time to find someone to replace you during your leave and to get your benefits in order.

  1. Prepare Your Home

Furniture can take several weeks to arrive, and you will want everything set up for when your baby arrives. As premature births are possible, it’s wise to have your nursery set up at least four months before your expecting. To save money, see if your family members have any baby supplies left over that they can either give or sell to you.

  1. Making Your Birth Plan

Your birth plan will include having a to-go bag in the car with toiletries and clothes, as well as knowing the route to the closest hospital. Know where the delivery and birth rooms are (as well as where to park), and have a support group of friends and family for the first week or two after you bring your new baby home.

Everything should go well, however, things can go wrong, and you must be prepared for such distressed occasions. If you or your baby were hurt during your childbirth due to negligence from the hospital staff, you owe it to yourself and to your baby to make birth injury claims in Blackpool or wherever you live. This includes if you receive abhorrent after-care from staff. Post-birth is a very critical time, and you and your family need to be in the best health possible.

Bringing a new-born home can be terrifying – they’re so tiny and precious. Give yourself the best care possible and have family and friends there to help and support you, and do your best for your new precious baby.

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