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The Most Affordable Places in UK for Teachers Revealed

ByDave Stopher

Jun 24, 2018

The UK is seeing an ever increasing demand for teachers. As an increasing number of students enroll into schools every single year, an appropriate number of teachers is needed to teach them. Since the opportunities are aplenty for teachers all over the country, Randstad has assessed the best places in the country for a teacher by comparing respective salaries and property prices all over the UK.

The results revealed an unsurprising name for the title of costliest city for a teacher. London boasts a high average property price of £484,000. This figure has been ballooning over the years and is not equal to the increase in salaries.

On the other hand, Manchester has an average property price of £197,500, a figure that is 40% less than London. At the same time, the average minimum salaries in both these cities are the same at £22,500. Manchester is considered to be one of the top places for a teacher to start out.

However the best city to teach in, out of all 13 cities profiled in this study, happens to be Liverpool. With high average minimum salaries of up to £50,000, Liverpool boasts rents of as low as £185 a week. Liverpool is the best city to teach in from a financial perspective.

Some other points to notice from the report are as follows:

  • For NQTs in London, the average starting salary in £27,000
  • 77 of the UKs best schools are home to Manchester
  • Brighton and Hove leads the educational pack with almost 90% of all schools being declared “good” or “outstanding”

According to Victoria Short, the managing director of Randstad Public, the results of the report showcase how location affects teachers when it comes to purchasing property. Nothing how home ownership is a dream for any teacher, Ms. Short believes the report highlights the places that are conducive to NQTs.

According to Ms. Short, although London’s expensiveness seems logical considering all the social perks it offers, other cities that offer teachers better financial opportunities should be considered more positively by them. A place where they can practice their profession without financial constraints, along with a home of their own, should be the desirable destination for teachers starting out.

A full copy of the report is available here:


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