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The Most Popular Lucky Baby Names of 2023, Revealed


Jan 27, 2023
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With searches for ‘top baby names 2023’ skyrocketing by 350%* over the past few months, parents are eager to name their newborns with a trendy, popular name that will stand out from the crowd, and also have that element of luck.

So, which baby names are the most popular for 2023? Intrigued to find out, Onlinecasinos.co.uk utilised Forebears.io to find out which most desired names are associated with luck.

They have also partnered up with psychic expert Inbaal Honigman, to delve into what these popular names can mean for parents and their new-borns.

 Key findings:

  • Victoria is crowned as the most wpopular lucky baby girl name with 2,626,923people bearing the name worldwide
  • The most desired baby boy name associated with luck is Rafael, with 3,160,411 people bearing this name worldwide.
  • The overall most popular lucky baby name is Rafael, commonly associated with boys.

The top 20 most popular baby names for 2023:

Rank Name Gender most associated with Approx. no. of people in the world
with name
1 Rafael M 3,160,411
2 Victoria F 2,626,923
3 Lakshmi F 2,570,558
4 Felix M 2,386,269
5 Beatrice F 1,687,443
6 Said M 1,608,369
7 Ganesh M 1,460,031
8 Sadia F 1,240,327
9 Ayman M 849,379
10 Iris F 783,027
11 Felicia F 671,122
12 Rick M 616,366
13 Ngozi M/F 453,360
14 Lucky M/F 449,391
15 Amber F 363,458
16 Boniface M 357,866
17 Amer M 351,178
18 Beata F 349,663
19 Takeo M 341,560
20 Penny F 242,802

Please click here for the full data set.

Onlinecasinos.co.uk can reveal that Rafael is the most desired baby name associated with luck, with a whopping 3,160,411 people bearing this name worldwide. Rafael has biblical connotations, being the name of the angel of healing.
Inbaal says, “It’s a wonderful name to pick for a life of healthy living, healthy relationships and healthy decision-making. The feminine version is Rafaella.”

In second place is Victoria, with 2,626,923 people claiming this name worldwide, meaning ‘victory’ in English, descending from a Goddess of Roman mythology. Various famous figures have embodied this name’s meaning such as Queen Victoria and her victorious rule, and Victoria Beckham with her successful career.
Inbaal infers, “Victoria is not subtle about its blessings. Sharing a name with the Roman Goddess of Victory, Victoria draws luck in the field of winning”. 

Lakshmi is in third place, with 2,570,558 people named after the Hindu goddess.
Inbaal states, “Lakshmi is a Goddess of abundance and good fortune. As Goddess of luck, sharing her name will inevitably bring luck. The name can be used both for baby boys and baby girls.”

The top five lucky girl names:

Rank Name Worldwide popularity ranking Approx. no. of people in the world with name
1 Victoria 206 2,626,923
2 Lakshmi 209 2,570,558
3 Beatrice 407 1,687,443
4 Sadia 650 1,240,327
5 Iris 1,202 783,027

As mentioned, Victoria holds the top spot for girls. Lakshmi comes in second ranked 209th in the world, with 2,570,558 people bearing this name.

Following behind Victoria and Lakshmi, the third most popular lucky baby girl name is Beatrice, with a staggering 1,687,443 claiming this name, just like the UK’s very own royal, Princess Beatrice!

The top five lucky boy names:

Rank Name Worldwide popularity ranking Approx. no. of people in the world with name
1 Rafael 151 3,160,411
2 Felix 238 2,386,269
3 Said 439 1,608,369
4 Ganesh 513 1,460,031
5 Ayman 1,094 849,379

Rafael holding the top spot for baby boy names and overall popularity, makes it the highest ranked in this study. Famous figures bearing this name include Rafael Nadal, with his luck and success in tennis championships.