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The Perfect Tech For Your Staycation.

With this weather, there has been no reason to jet off to sunnier climates so whether you are spending a week sunning yourself in the garden or driving to an AirBnB down by the coast make sure you equip yourself with some of these nifty gadgets and great bits of tech.

Stay Connected
Acer Chromebook Spin 513 is the notebook you want to take with you on your travels if you don’t want to worry about Wi-Fi or charging it every few hours but do care about the planet.
Not only does it come with a 4G LTE sim card option, but it also boasts up to 14 hours of battery life and the Spin 513 LTE is notable for setting an exceptional standard in low-energy consumption, as validated by the Px3 independent benchmarking.

The energy and emissions savings were estimated at an impressive 84%, compared to your standard desktop and 50% less compared to other industry-leading notebooks. And if that isn’t green enough for you, Acer will plant 100 trees for each one bought and registered.

Acer Chromebook Spin 513  – From £399

A Projector in your Purse
The C250i projector which is small enough to fit in your bag is portable and powerful. Lightweight, compact, and with a battery of 9000mAh, this projector features auto-portrait technology that allows it and your smartphone to work in effortless harmony – wirelessly project pictures, videos, live streams, or films automatically in portrait mode without pesky black bars at any angle in Full HD with the on-board Bluetooth speaker.
Available from Argos, Box or Amazon for £399. –
Light Packing 
The Swift range of laptops makes the perfect choice when it comes to keeping your baggage weight down. Weighing only 1.2kg the Swift 3 comes in a variety of specs and colours.

Depending on what you use it for you could pick up a Swift 1 for only £249 or if you need something with a bit more power the Swift 3 & Swift 5 are available starting from £499.

Gaming On the Go
If you can’t go a week without logging on or if gaming is your escape but you still need to get away with the family, then the Nitro 5 is the one to pack. Starting from £699 all the way up to the latest top-of-the-range specs for £1699 this one is worth investing in. Amazon has a bundle that includes a headset, mouse & mouse mat so the perfect starter pack for £749.
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