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The Questions You Should Ask Before Buying an Extendable Dining Table

ByDave Stopher

Nov 6, 2021

Buying an extendable dining table is a great investment for anyone with a passion for hosting get-togethers, but choosing the right extendable table for your living space can be tricky.

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in a home. It’s the gathering place for holiday celebrations, family game nights, and regular old nightly dinners. So with so many different kinds of memories to be made at the dining table, it’s important for a home’s dining space to be versatile.

And an extendable dining table can provide your dining room with just that. Adjustable tables may be a bit more pricey than a smaller, single-size dining table, but the extra money spent is well worth it.

What is an extendable dining table?

Extendable dining tables are built to be adjusted to more than one length. These tables come in handy when you need a larger table for special occasions only. They work great for those of use that might not have tons of space in our dining areas on a normal day.

Keeping a regular-sized table might seem to be the only option when it comes to tight spaces, but the great part about extendable dining tables is that when they aren’t extended, they can fit in almost any small space. And when you’re serving more guests than usual, these tables usually open up in two simple slides, with no heavy lifting and hassle-free.

Questions to ask yourself before buying an extendable dining table

But although any size adjustable table can get the job done, it’s a whole other thing to find one that goes above and beyond, and pulls the whole look of a room together. You should ask yourself the following questions in order to better help yourself make the best choice when shopping for the perfect extendable dining table.

How big is your dining area?

Being realistic about how much space you have available in your dining room is important. There are adjustable dining tables in multiple sizes from high-quality sellers, so choosing the right size should be a pain-free process.

And don’t forget to take into account the chairs! You don’t want to overestimate the amount of space your dining room has, and accidentally lock people in at the table because they don’t have enough room to stand up after dinner. Pro tip: Sometimes benches can work as excellent space savers!

How many people are usually gathered at the table?

The questions of how many people usually gather in your dining room, and how big is your dining room, don’t always relate to each other. Sometimes you need to fit a large number of people into a small space. In this case, consider different table shapes. Round tables can sometimes work better for squeezing in as many people as possible. And there are plenty of options for extendable round tables as well.

What is your home decor style?

Different decor styles will require different table styles, naturally. But fortunately, there are tons of different table styles available. Most adjustable dinner tables come in wood, which can be dressed up or down to fit a multitude of styles.

The style elements of a dining room table can change the whole style of a room. The appearance of texturized oak or raw wood table top can create a rustic feeling. And add a set of white hand-carved and beveled table legs, and you’ve got yourself a trend farmhouse style. On the other hand, a solid color table can create a more modern and sophisticated look.

What is your budget?

Budget will play a role in the size of the table that you end up deciding on, but fortunately, there is an array of affordable and trendy extendable table options available today. Hand-made and customizable tables are a popular seller these days. By doing enough research into all the specifications that your need for your dining room, finding the perfect extendable table will be no problem at all.

Final thoughts

The dining room truly is one of the most special living spaces in the modern home. It’s where we gather to eat delicious food, laugh, plan, cry and make memories that last forever. Extendable tables give you the option to fit even more special people around the table for memorable breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

Finding the perfect table for your home doesn’t need to be a stress-inducing process. Just take your time and remember to ask yourself a few important questions before you buy.