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Three Ways To Have A Better Holiday

ByDave Stopher

Oct 2, 2018

Holidays are the highlight of the year, but the pressure to have the best time possible often means that costs can very quickly spiral out of control. Nobody wants to be a penny-pincher on their well-earned break, which can leave you still paying for your holiday long after you’ve returned home. However, there are some proven ways to have a much better holiday for your money, and they don’t mean lots of prep-time either. These simple tricks will ensure that you have a much better holiday experience, and could leave you with a little extra spending money at the same time.

Get cheaper flights

The travel part of your holiday is usually the biggest expense, so get your trip started in the right way by not overspending on flights. There are a number of ways to make sure that you get the right prices for plane travel, but by far the most useful is to always look at those last-minute deals that pop up. They might mean some willingness to adapt to a change in destination, but when those last-minute offers include all inclusive package holidays, such as those available with Teletext Holidays, you could end up saving money on your accommodation as well. If you’re willing to book as late as possible for the best deals, then you could be saving some serious spending money for souvenirs.

Organise (but stay flexible)

Once you know where you’re going, do some planning. You don’t want to over-plan, but having some kind of schedule can be very useful – and prevent you from wasting time when it comes to basic needs like finding the best places to eat. Checking out the area that you’re visiting beforehand and looking at online reviews is easier than ever, and can ensure that you find the best places to visit, the cheapest places to find the best local food, and even help you avoid the worst of the tourist traps. Always stay a little flexible though, as it’s often easy to miss things until you’re in the areas itself. You don’t want to miss out on the best experiences just because you haven’t timetabled them in.

The pros and cons of your phone

Your smartphone can be both a godsend and a curse when you’re on holiday. Of course, they’re useful, especially when it comes to translation apps and online maps. Yet, they can also be a distraction, especially if you’re getting work emails and checking social media. Turn off your notifications and limit your phone use to holiday essentials, and you’ll have a much better holiday. Make sure that you check your roaming charges and only go online when there’s free Wi-Fi access, and you’ll reduce the risk of getting hit with an unexpectedly high bill when you return home.

If you’re looking for the best experience of your life, these tips will help you have a much better time and can save you plenty of money as well. With the right forethought, you could even have such a good holiday that you don’t need another holiday to get over your holiday!