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Tips on how to insure the highest standard of delivery

ByDave Stopher

May 26, 2021

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We’ve all been there, the package is nice and tidy when it’s sent from the warehouse but somehow the customer is unsatisfied when it shows up all bent and broken. But is it even possible to make sure the delivery exceeds expectations when the delivery in itself is out of your hands? Well yes, of course!

Living up to the high standards of today is more than possible with the right tools. All you need are a few tips and tricks, and you might need new packaging.

But fear not, this article contains some bigger adjustments but also cheaper tips on how to ensure a safe travel for your goods. So if you’re looking for a way to make your customers even happier than you are on the right track. Keep reading for clever tips and tricks to give your products a pleasant journey all the way from the warehouse to your customer.

Rethink your packaging

It is no secret that packaging is crucial when it comes to presentation. Not only is it the first impression your client or customer will get, but it is also the way you present your product that you’ve worked so hard on. So why cut corners on such an important aspect?

There are a few packaging methods that just work a little better than others. On of those is pillow bag packaging. This insures that you products are comfortably sitting within a tightly sealed bag without disturbance. Pillow bags work by containing and protecting all types of products, and they look good too. So make a first impression that exceeds expectations today, and you won’t regret it.

Keep track of your packages

It is a little more expansive to track all of your product that have gone out to shipment, and for some it might not even be necessary. But if your product keep getting banged up, than it might be worth it.

There is no worse feeling that having to explain to a customer why their delivery isn’t what they expected, and in those situations it would be nice to know exactly who to blame. So even though it has a price tag, it might be worth it to maintain order and a high standard.

Consider harder packages

This might not come as a shock, but harder packages like recyclable carton is a lot more durable that soft plastics. They don’t tear as easily, and equally important, they are recyclable.

Make a statement by giving your customers a sturdy and environmentally friendly packaging option, that will look just as good on arrival.