In this modern world, language skills are important in every field of life. The English language is termed as a standard international language. To understand and learn good English, vocabulary should be well known. Improving vocabulary helps you to boost up your reading and writing skills.

Why is Improving Vocabulary Important?

Our feelings, emotions, and thoughts are expressed by our language. To convey our message, we use words. Messages are conveyed by our language. The words we speak help us to deliver our thoughts, personal opinions, and point of view. Thus, good vocabulary shows the personality of a person, and it helps in building up language skills. The ability to read and write is improved by expanding vocabulary.

How does Vocabulary help in Reading?

While you are reading a book or some other stuff, there are many words that you need to consult from a dictionary. Research shows that kids need to consult thesaurus 98% of the words to know what they are reading. If you have a good vocabulary, it becomes easy for you to understand course books or other storybooks and novels.

Ways to Improve Vocabulary

Many ways are present in which you can improve your vocabulary. Some easy ways are:

  • Reading a novel. As mostly English novels are written by major English writers who use good vocabulary. So English novels help in improving language and vocabulary.
  • Using new words. Try to add new words to your sentences that you learn in your daily routine.
  • Keep a handy thesaurus or dictionary. This helps you learn new words when you hear or read them.
  • Read journals. Keeping up a journal expands your knowledge and vocabulary as well.
  • Learn a word a day. This method is easy and good.
  • Make flashcards. Write down every new word you learn and keep revising it.
  • Make a vocabulary diary.

Learn Online 

If you want to expand vocabulary and have an opportunity of digital media along with the internet, you can learn online through websites. Many websites are offering free online vocabulary coaching classes. Some are paid. These websites offer daily or weekly courses. Some websites issue certificates for completing their courses. Besides courses, there are online games related to language and vocabulary that is fun and informative at the same time. These games help your brain to boost up.

Vocabulary Learning Websites

  • While looking for vocabulary learning websites, chances you may have come across Signing up on this website is easy and free. This website has gaming activities that aid in memorizing words. teaches you new words by exposing you to a wide range of activities. These activities include quizzes and some multiple-choice questions.
  • Another website that helps in improving vocabulary is which provide you a grammarly free trial account. This Grammarly website has a free trial available for new users. Bloggers can have access to premium level free trials. As Grammarly is the best-known website to check grammar mistakes and provides less error content, it also aids in improving vocabulary.

Vocabulary Applications

In this modern era of technology, people are operating everything online. Rather than going to offices and other working platforms, you can work at home. This saves time and money. Since every task can be done online, there are applications that are teaching languages. Some of the applications also teach vocabulary. They help you learn vocabulary really quickly and free of cost.

Why should vocabulary be learned?

In any field, good spoken English and good English language skills are kept in consideration. Nowadays, using good vocabulary while speaking or writing has become an essential need. Besides well dressing and etiquette, the way of conversation also represents our personality. A well-organized person always uses good vocabulary and avoids foul language. If you are at ease with your vocabulary and can understand well, people will know it and will be very impressed. Having a wide array of vocabulary adds richness to your speech that is very impressive and effective.