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Tools that can make event planning more efficient

ByDave Stopher

May 22, 2022 #Business

Entrepreneurs are willing to put blood, tears, and sweat to achieve their goals. Especially when they plan an event.

The thing with planning events is that it sounds enticing until you get into details. Then you find out it takes a lot of work to meet people’s expectations and entertain them.

Events that include selling tickets are stressful, intense, and tiring. And often you have to work with a tight budget, the ever-changing schedule of the guests, and the ever-evolving requirements of the market. So how are you supposed to deliver something people are thrilled to pay for?

The few hours you get to sleep are filled with nightmares. The guests aren’t happy they receive paper tickets and prefer more eco-friendly solutions, the only venue accessible isn’t quite accessible for guests, and the to-do lists are inexhaustible. Making sure you pick out the right venue.

But with so many tools at hand, you can work smart, not hard to become successful. Fortunately, some tech innovations can make your life easier. And yes, we know you have a budget to stick to. So, we put together only a list of tools that won’t break the bank.

Event ticketing software

When you purchase event ticketing software, you must train your employees to use its features. Most systems are user-friendly, and they allow logo, banners, links, fonts, and color integration. Some software providers organize online ticket sales on a label page that looks similar to your official website, for your clients to feel like they never left your page. It’s smart to create tickets with software that allows you to sell them through email, phone, or social media channels because it enables you to reach a broader audience.

Project management tools

Plan for an event as you would do for a business project because they are quite similar. They have many moving parts, and you need a tool to keep everything in place. If you assigned your team with planning the event, use an online tool that allows them to collaborate during the planning phase. Pick one that creates visual boards for each stage of the project, so they can check the progress and tasks they have to complete.

Some tools even include inboxes that allow you to create a chat group to communicate effectively with your team. With a project management tool, all the files regarding the event are in a single place. Simplified work!

Social media tools

You must promote your event on social media to create buzz around the occasion. But you have little time to keep up with all platforms. Luckily, you can use some tools to save time and stay in touch with your public. Use a tool to schedule posts in advance. Most apps allow you to connect multiple accounts and schedule up to ten posts at a time. You can cover an entire week of posts this way.

You can also take advantage of an app that automates social media tasks.

Did you find interesting the tools we listed? Unless you have an extra pair of arms, the above apps can save you from headaches.

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