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Top 3 Bitcoin dice strategies you should know: Becoming a pro in Bitcoin dice games

ByDave Stopher

Sep 2, 2021

There are several variants of Bitcoin casino online games. However, bitcoin dice are regarded as the most “pure” of them because of their essential features. Some of these characteristics involve providing fundamental but complex rules to players. However, these rules are straightforward, making them the perfect bait for newbies to fall victim. So, because it’s challenging to master, it becomes pertinent that you have a game plan, a strategy, tricks, and tips on how to play Bitcoin dice games on online casinos.

These strategies and tips will serve as your winning strategies, meaning they won’t fail at any point in time, and even if they do, it will come at minimized losses. Be sure to note that the Bitcoin dice game has similar strategies with the traditional dice games, and its primary focus is on how much a player places on a bet and the section he bets. So, once the stakes are set, and the positions are known, it becomes easier to understand how to maneuver the game in your favor.

Top 3 tricks and strategies to winning Bitcoin dice games

A clear understanding of how to play Bitcoin dice is straightforward to achieve, and the concept is easy: When playing the Bitcoin dice game, the player chooses a random number between 1 and 100 and places his bet. He bets on whether a dice roll will give a figure under or between the said figures. Bitcoin dice aren’t overly complicated — for example, betting on a rollover 25 delivers the same odds as betting on a roll under 75, and they both have similar odds. Most online gaming platforms offer dice games with a 1% house edge. Here are some of the tips and strategies to note

● Identifying patterns:

More than the amount wagered, being incredibly attentive while playing online dice games is very important. Its importance cannot be overemphasized as it’s one of the important tips in winning Bitcoin dice games. Probability is a very tricky concept, and probability itself is a tricky word. Dice games are such that could depend on 70% chance and 30% mathematics. Nonetheless, when a player understands patterns and can identify them, his chances of winning becomes high. In order to understand and identify patterns, you have to pay attention to every roll. The previous roll before your groundbreaking roll will determine to an extent the level of your winning. Patterns are bound to be repeated while playing online Bitcoin dice games, and it takes only a few players to grasp this concept. Once you notice this pattern, you can adopt alternating them. For example, if you notice your last five rolls are fewer than 50, over 50, under 50, over 50, and under 50 again, it’s most likely that this pattern will come to an end soonest. So, you might want to bet opposite to your last roll, especially when you have predicted the alternating pattern will soon come to an end.

● The Paroli trick:

After you’ve successfully understood the patterns, and you’ve recorded your first wins, to continue and make it a streak, use the Paroli strategy. It’s such that it replicates the winning streak, and it’s pretty simple to understand. First, a base stake needs to be determined, and once you’ve successfully done this, you make sure you double very of your bets after you’ve recorded your first win. Now, you mustn’t get carried away, and remembers patterns don’t always last long. So, be sure to stop raising your stakes after you’ve made three consecutive wins to be on a safer side. And peradventure you record a loss, make sure your next bet is on your base stake to reshuffle the game. The essence of this trick is to help you capitalize on your winning streak and minimize your losses.

● Inverse martingale strategy:

This strategy is the exact opposite of the martingale trick. Just like the Paroli streak, once you have successfully established your first two consecutive wins, you increase your stake size but be sure it’s on a winning streak and not a losing streak. So, you can stake 50% of your wins from your previous successful rolls, and this method is quite effective and safe. It gives you the opportunity of having at least 50% of your last recorded win even if you lose your staked 50%. Bitcoin dice games are straightforward if you can adopt these strategies and simple tricks. You can make more than 200% even as a newbie if you understand the concept and use them effectively.