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Top 5 Podcasts Every CTO Should Listen To


Jul 24, 2020 #Business

If you’re a busy CXO with barely any time to read articles, the latest tech news, or even that e-book that you’ve been meaning to read since forever, we have a new way to stay up to date with the latest tech news and trends!

Podcasts are a great way to absorb new information on the go and learn about the experience of other CTOs. You can also listen to many great industry leaders, get inspired by them, and tackle challenges in your business with a different approach.

So if you’re looking for some new podcasts to listen to that will inspire and motivate you, here are five best podcasts for CTOs that you must check out!

1. The CTO Advisor

Host: Keith Townsend

Average episode length: 30 minutes frequency of episodes: 4 episodes/month

The CTO Advisor is a podcast that is geared towards organizations that are navigating through the challenges of digital transformation with a focus on future technologies and the process of building IT infrastructures that are in-line with specific business requirements.

The host, Keith Townsend, is a CTO Advisor with over 20 years of experience in helping organizations build IT infrastructures. He has also written for several award-winning properties such as TechTarget.com and TechRepublic.com. The podcast is also often graced by the presence of some of the smartest people in the IT industry, including Joe Beda (co-founder of VMware), Bobby Allen (CTO of CloudGenera), and Craig Connors (Chief Architect at Velocloud).

So if you enjoy freestyle banter between well-informed, experienced, and tech-savvy people, then this is a great podcast for CTOs that you can add to your list!

  • Making Kubernetes Enterprise-Ready Director of OpenShift Strategy Brian Gracely joins the podcast to talk about Kubernetes in the enterprise.
  • Data protection and big data Keith Townsend talks about how Big Data can impact your data protection strategy and how it fits into your data management strategy.
  • AWS’ Uberization of Enterprise Cloud Keith Townsend and CloudGenera’s CTO Bobby Allen talk about the business value of AWS as compared with Uber for consumers.

2. The Modern CTO

Host: Joel Beasley

Average episode length: 45 minutes

Frequency of episodes: 1 episode/week

The Modern CTO podcast, true to its name, features interviews with some of the most famous CTOs of Fortune 500 companies of our time. From aerospace to AI, this podcast has it all!

The host, Joel Beasley, being a CTO and developer himself, presents talks with the CTOs of companies such as Cisco, Reddit, LinkedIn, Zoom, Citrix, and Atlassian, to name a few.

This podcast is for every CTO who is looking for inspiration, leadership, and growth. The gold truly lies in the banter, and if you’re interested in learning about growing into your role, tackle coaching, and how you can contribute more to your business, then you’re definitely in the right place!

  • Jeremy King – CTO at Walmart Joey and Jeremy King discuss about building trust with your stakeholders and how to hire over 4000 technologists in under two years.
  • Parker Harris – CTO & Co-Founder at Salesforce Joey and Parker Harris discuss the value of real relationships with your customers, key indicators of a successful acquisition, and how to scale your culture as the company grows.
  • Neil Patel – Co-founder of Kissmetrics Neil Patel talks about how frustration led him to establish a marketing empire, the importance of leveraging in-person relationships, and how experimentation is the most effective product strategy.

3. CXO Talk

Host: Michael Krigsman

Average episode length: 30 minutes

Frequency of episodes: 3-6 episodes/month

CXO Talk is a podcast that feels like more of a platform and less like a podcast in the most delightful way! Hosted by industry analyst and enterprise marketing advisor Micheal Krigsman, the podcast offers in-depth discussions about business, technology, and healthcare, with some of the most innovative leaders of all time.

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