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Top 6 Places in Melbourne to Enjoy Nightlife

Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, is famous for its museums, galleries, theatres, restaurants and bars. It is known as the Cultural Capital of Australia. While the city is always bursting with exuberance, it gives a different vibe at night. Hop in your car with friends on a Saturday night to have the experience of your life. Unlike other major cities, parking at Melbourne CBD is convenient, with large lots available at a minimum charge per hour.

If you are looking for night-out ideas in Melbourne, you have landed in the right place. We present you with six of the most exciting things to do in Melbourne at night. Read on-

  • Melbourne Star: –

Melbourne boasts of having the only Giant Observational Wheel in the Southern hemisphere. Standing tall at 120 meters, Star Observation Wheel allows visitors a 30-minute ride to get a sprawling view of the city.

Generally, people throng to it in the daytime, but the city radiates with all its dazzling glory at night. Furthermore, the in-cabin commentary gives a brief overview of the major buildings, historical places and their importance.

It is located near the docklands of the city. With 21 expansive cabins, it offers a 360-degree view of Melbourne. Moreover, you can book a private cabin and take a sip from sangria jugs to spruce up things a bit. Quite the way to spend your Saturday evening, isn’t it!

  • Laneways: –

Melbourne streets come to life at night, especially on weekends. The cafés, bars and restaurants are bubbling with tourists and locals. You can take a stroll around Liverpool Street and relish the Chinese cuisine at Double Happiness or enjoy your drink in New Gold Mountain.

Southbank promenade along the Yarra river makes for a great relaxing walk in the evening. The cafes are an excellent spot for late-night snacks.

If you are more into street arts like graffiti, wall-arts and murals, you should keep enough time to take a walk down Hosier Lane, Degraves Street and AC/DC lane.

  • Bars: –

No dine-out at Melbourne is complete without visiting one of its many themed, rooftop and hidden bars and wondering what’s so special about them?

Take, for example, the Berlin Bar, famous for its two sections- East and West. West Berlin is glammed up with plush leather chairs, ritzy sofas and offers the best cocktails. Contrarily, the East Germany section is scruffy and serves mostly East European beer.

Melbourne is also famous for its posh and opulent rooftop bars offering a majestic view of the cityscape. The added attraction is watching movies on the rooftop screens or listening to jazz while sipping on wine.

  • Queen Victoria Market: –

What’s the point of visiting Melbourne if you haven’t savoured the mouthwatering street foods at Queen Victoria Market! At Victoria Market, you are literally spoilt for choice. It is a potpourri of all that worth relishing- authentic homemade cuisines, live music, games and what not!

Moreover, it is a licensed place, so you can chill out with a beer or a cider to cool you down in the summer days. While in winter, it’s an excellent spot to sip on mulled wine and relish the evening.

  • Night safari: –

How many times in life will you get the chance of waking up to a celestial sunrise in the wild? Very few, right, if at all? The Werribee Open Range Zoo Slumber Safari offers you that rare opportunity.

Located at the outskirt of Melbourne, this has become the top destination for adventurers, wildlife lovers and tourists. Reaching a bit early in the evening will allow you to witness the glorious sunset sky during sunset.

As Victoria is a small state, aside from Zebras and giraffes, you can spot rare animals. Furthermore, if it piques your interest, you can go for a background visit to watch the zookeepers feeding the animals—a perfect way to acquaint your little ones with the wildlife.

  • Ghost trails: –

Yes, you read that right. Old Melbourne Gaol, the famous Museum, offers three-night tours inside the erstwhile jail. A guided Hangman’s Night Tour focuses on hangman’s stories, while A Night in Watch House takes you to the cells once inhabited by the most dangerous criminals. For kids under 16, they run the ‘Ghosts? What Ghosts’ tour, narrating spooky stories. Next time you visit Melbourne, take a walk on the eerie side!

So, what are you waiting for? Plan a night out this weekend; Melbourne has a lot in store for you.

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