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Top 7 Tips that are used by EMDG Consultants To Increase Export Grants

ByDave Stopher

May 25, 2021

Are you holding a small or middle-sized business in Australia? Do you want to expand it overseas too? If the answers to both these questions are YES and you are stuck financially, we have something here for you.

EMDG is an abbreviated form of Export Market Development Grant. This is a financial assistance scheme started for the Australian government. This scheme benefits the small and medium developing export-related businesses.

According to Austrade, you are eligible to reimburse 50% of your marketing costs if you are promoting and exporting your product, service, or IP overseas. This means that the government will share the financial risk with you.

To gain an advantage of this, you need to fill an application form. You can fill this form yourself or get it done by an EMDG consultant. On the basis of your application, the government accepts or rejects your reimbursement and also decides the reimbursement amount. Hence, at this point, you will never want to commit mistakes. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional to fulfill the requirements.

Let’s take a glimpse at how an EMDG consultant can help us to increase our export grants.

  1. They help you with the eligibility process.

To avail its benefits, Austrade has a number of guidelines. The consultants help you to check if you and your business fall under its eligibility category. And if not, they help you with the process to become eligible for the same.

  1. They have the QIP.

Now you may wonder what QIP is. There are deadlines set for filling up the application forms. There is a possibility that you missed your deadline. Here is where these professionals can help you even better. They have this special QIP i.e. Quality Incentive Program. As a member of QIP, the Austrade government provides them the advantage to file lodgment forms even after the deadline period.

  1. They make the process easy for you.

Professionals like Rimon’s EMDG and R&D tax incentive grant consultants make the process simple for you. You are only asked to explain to them your business and present the documents. The rest is assured by them. This means you can invest your time and energy to grow your business bigger. Also, you pay them only once you receive the grant!

  1. They know about your business.

The EMDG professionals talk to you and study the nature of your business. They go through your promotional activities and export marketing. They verify the documents required to be attached with these forms. These professionals are talented enough to give you an estimate of the grant you will receive.

  1. They work on your application form.

After you hand over your documents to them, they go back to their office and work on your application. This requires gathering and calculating the amount. After this, the correct amount is entered in your form along with the proof of the expenses made. These expenses can include events from funding marketing visits to bringing an overseas buyer to Australia. But you have to make sure to attach every document of it to claim your reimbursement.

  1. They ask you to review the form.

Before submitting the application form, the consultants give you a chance to review the work they have done for you. This will be done through a draft application form. The consultant and the business both sign here. This ensures the Austrade that everything has been verified before submitting.

Here, you will be amazed to see how peculiarly they have named every promotional strategy and its costing. This is something only a professional can do. Austrade reviews the application forms on the basis of first-come, first-serve. So, it is always appreciated to submit your form as quickly as possible to delay the waiting period.

  1. They also assist Austrade to assess your application.

When the Austrade assesses the application, there can be a few technical issues or events that require more explanation or documentation. Here also, the EMDG professionals come to your rescue and deal with the assessors providing the correct information at the correct time. They keep in touch with the assessor and make sure your application is complete so it can be processed as quickly as possible.

This is how EMDG consultants can help our export grants grow while we can focus on the expansion of our business. Such a win-win situation, isn’t it?