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Top Ten Dating Trends In The UK

Dating in the United Kingdom has undergone a pretty serious transformation in recent years. There are many things that are propelling these changes in dating, and they are all worth examining to see what ends the dating trends are pointing towards. We are going to take a look at the top ten trends and see how they are transforming the dating scene in the UK.

  1. Freckling

The basis of freckling is when you find a partner knowing that the two of you are only going to be together for the current summer and maybe a little beyond. This lets people have hot dates throughout the summer and then be free once autumn rolls around.

  1. Cuffing Season

Cuffing is similar to freckling but happens closer to winter. People love to spend the cold months with someone nice and reliable, a person that can be touted as their date for holidays.

  1. Using Online Dating Sites Is Increasing

More people than ever are turning to online dating sites to meet their matches. Sites like are providing the best opportunities to meet fun and interesting people. As long as people need to have fun dates with people all over the UK, sites like this will continue to grow.

  1. Hookups Are Becoming More Common

For better or worse, people are using the sexual liberation to begin having fun with people for short terms. There is no need to date afterwards unless the two people are friends with benefits. Otherwise, a hookup will do nicely for a lot of people.

  1. Ghosting Is Becoming Common On Social Media

Ghosting is a dating trend where people stop communicating with their dates outright or block them on all their accounts. It is an alternative to having to break up with someone in person or on a phone call. It’s not a pleasant outcome for anyone, though.

  1. Watch Out For Benching

Benching is when a man or woman lines up a lot of potential dates, stringing them along while hinting that their present relationship is not going to last. This gives them the power to keep people on the bench until they have gotten everything they want from their present date. Again, this is not a fun move to pull on people but it is popular nonetheless.

  1. Waiting For The First Move

Both men and women have shown that they do not want to be the person to make the first move with dating. They would rather the other person make the move or not make it at all. The fear of being rejected or appearing desperate has truly reached its zenith with this trend.

  1. Video Dating

People realize that their time is precious and that text-only dating can invite cat fishing or other negative dating outcomes. That is why more people are using video chats for their dates than ever before.

  1. Unique Dating Experiences In Person

A lot of people are straying from the dinner and a movie for a first date. Axe throwing, kayaking, and other unique dates are taking their place.

  1. Fast Dates

Dates are happening faster than ever before. People like fast food, fast tech, and fast dates. You don’t have a lot of time to make a first impression anymore.



All in all, there are a lot of changes happening in the way that people in UK start dating. Yet, keeping in mind these ten trends, you will have a good chance out there if you are just joining the dating scene or trying to make sense of it right now. Keep an eye out for future developments for dating, too.

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