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Trending DIY Bridal Hairdos at home

ByDarshan Shah

Jun 22, 2020

A stylish wedding gown accessorized with gorgeous jewelry and a perfect hairdo is a picture every woman dreams of. But many of you think that without a professional, you can’t achieve this dream. So, let me tell you a little secret! You don’t require a professional stylist to give you that gorgeous hairdo on your D-day. So, if you want to curb down the expenses of visiting a salon or sitting for hours at a parlor, you can check out some of the best wedding hairstyles, which will enhance your look and entice the viewers.

Given below are some of the simple DIY wedding hairstyles which you can do with ease at home. From the contemporary updo for modern brides to elegant chignon for glamorous brides, we will tell you all. Here you can also find tips for creating that boho-chic look with twisted braids, and then there are sleek and classic hairdos for a traditional look.

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  •       The Modern Updo

If you are looking for some modern bridal hairdo styles, you can try out the contemporary updo. It is a classy and romantic hairstyle to deck up your wedding look. To start with use, you’re a generous amount of hairspray all over. Then use a one-inch curling iron to spiral-curl the hair in small sections. In the next step, use your fingers to loosely pull your hair back from the face, which will give a voluminous look to your hair. Split the hair in half at the back and continue to twist it gently on each side several times, until there are two twisted pieces. Keep it loose. In the last step, draw the twisted sections and criss-cross them. Depending on the length of your hair, repeat this step and leave about 3 inches at the end. Now pull the end and tightly secure it using bobby pins to your head. Lastly, use your hairspray to tuck in all the loose strands.

  • An Elegant Chignon

One of the most famous red carpets look, Elegant Chignon hairdo can give you a glamorous look. It has easy steps and can be done at home. For a classic wedding, this look is apt. To start with, take a considerable amount about any frizz-fighting hair serum and apply it generously on your hair. Side-part your hair and brush thoroughly to make it glossy. Using two fingers, roll up a one-inch piece of hair in the front and clip it for five minutes. After removing the clip, gently pull the rolled piece at the back of the hair and incorporate sections from both left and right sides, with a width of one to three inches. Keep overlapping and secure it to your head using a bobby pin. Once done, the loop will end in a bun, secure it with pins, and your glamorous look is ready to go.

  • Beach Braids

Moving from the traditional bridal hairdos, you can try a fun-filled beach braid to walk down the aisle. To start with, create loose waves using a one-inch curling iron and spiral-curl the hair. Next, make a deep side part and start French-braiding along the longer hairline, wherein you have to pull in small sections of hair as you go. Using an elastic band, secure this braid at the back. Now create another straight braid along the shorter hairline using a two-inch piece of hair. Remove the band and twist the ends of the braids together. Lastly, anchor the braids to the center of the head and secure with clips. Add your favorite hair accessories to match your look.

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  • The New French Twist

With the latest trend of keeping fringes and loose hair stands, it can spoil your wedding look. This is because the strands can come all over your face, thus running the look. So, for this, you can use a French hair pin and try the new French twist. Try this look, dampen your hair with a volumizer, and use a round boar-bristle brush blow-dry the hair—next use a lightweight texturizer for your hair to add an extra volume. Keeping a distance of two-inch from the nape of the neck, sweep the hair to form a low ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Moving towards the crown area, grasp a small hairpiece from the middle of the ponytail and hold it steadily. Using the other hand, now carefully slide up the elastic towards the upper section of the head. Next, form a twist by positioning one hand at the back of the head at the center, with fingers down, and with the other start to wrap the ponytail with the middle and index fingers. Once done, secure it with large pins and use a scissor to remove the elastic band. Lastly, use your fingers to gentle the loose strands at the crown and side of the head, and finish the look by spraying a generous amount of hair spray that will hold the style.

  • The Sleek Bun

One of the most classic bridal looks is incomplete without a sleek bun. This bridal hairdo works perfect for any hair length and can glam the look on several occasions. Dampen the hair with volumizer and using a comb, create a part line that matches the arch line of your eyebrow. Tamp down the loose strands with a firm hair spray. Now pull the hair back and tie it into a low ponytail. Secure the ponytail with an elastic band but hold on! You are half the way to create the look. So before you pull the strand for the last time, form a loop with a dangling tail. Now bring in all the loose hair through the tail and then slip the finger through the loo and keep pressing it up till it meets the back of the heat. Secure it with U-pins, insert the tip pointing upwards, and then flip it so that the ends face downwards and push in. To complete the look, pull the hanging tail from the left side of the original tail base to the right and tuck it under the top loop and anchor it with pins for creating a bun.

Apart from these DIY wedding hairdos, there are many hairstyles you can quickly try at home. Be confident about your hair and enhance your look with a dazzling hairstyle at an extremely affordable budget.