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Triumph completes TE-1 motorcycle project with Helix electric powertrain

Milton Keynes, UK/12 July 2022: Triumph has announced the completion of its TE-1 electric motorcycle development project, powered by Scalable Integrated Modular Inverter (SIMI) technology from Helix.

During rolling road and track trials, the TE-1’s electric powertrain delivered 130kW (177PS/175bhp) peak power, for a 0-60mph time of 3.6 seconds and 0-100mph in 6.2 seconds. It also achieved a 100-mile range, based on live testing and official projections.

The high power density that characterises Helix electric powertrains contributed to making the TE-1 prototype as much as 25% lighter than comparable electric motorcycles and achieving its outstanding power-to-weight ratio.

Integral Powertrain Limited’s e-Drive division developed the Scalable Integrated Motor and Inverter (SIMI) in close cooperation with Triumph from 2018. On 4 July 2022, the company relaunched its electric powertrain engineering and manufacturing capability under the Helix brand. Helix offers unique Scalable Core Technology across three Product Levels, while advanced product development, epitomised by the Scalable Integrated Motor and Inverter, is delivered by its X-Division.

Andrew Cross, Helix Chief Technology Manager, said: “We’re delighted to see the final TE-1 motorcycle testing phase completed and further validation of the performance and efficiency of our Scalable Integrated Modular Inverter.

“In its TE-1 application, the motor achieved peak and continuous power densities of 13kW/kg and 9kW/kg respectively; 60% higher than Advanced Propulsion Centre technology roadmap targets for 2025. All this was achieved using materials and processes compatible with volume automotive production and using a motor scalability concept that provided a springboard to our Scalable Core Technology, providing similar performance levels at much greater manufacturing scale than previously possible.

“We’re really proud to have been a key part of this exciting project, which is a landmark for electric motorcycles and British industry.”