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Tutorial about Sash Windows

ByDave Stopher

Nov 12, 2019 #property

When it comes to sash windows there’s a lot to admire and praise. They’ve been around for hundreds of years and their timeless appeal means they remain just as popular as ever. 

In this blog, we’re going to explain the various components of a sash window to familiarise you with the terminology we use, as well as explaining their enduring appeal to architects and why new sash windows are also a great option. 

What is a sash?

When you hear the term ‘sash windows’ it’s not always clear what the word ‘sash’ means in relation to the actual window itself. So what is a window sash, and what role does it play in helping the window to work? There are a number of individual parts that make up a sash window and we’ll explain what a sash is along with all the other components.

  • Sash/sashes: Sashes are the frames that contain the glass. As with any window, they are moveable to allow you to open and close it when needed. There is an upper sash and lower sash. 
  • Box frame: This is the outer window that the sashes sit inside.
  • Sash cord: Attached to the side of the sash is a cord that is fed through a pulley. Also attached to the cord is the sash weight inside the box frame.
  • Sash weight: This is used as a counterbalance for the sash so the window can be opened. In order for it to work, it must weigh the same as the sash. These weights are made from either lead, steel or cast iron.
  • Staff bead: Around the box frame you’ll find an internal trim called a staff bead. This is used to ensure the sashes remain in place within the frame. In a lot of cases, a new staff bead will also feature a draught seal.
  • Parting bead: A parting bead fits into the box frame to form a channel for the upper and lower sashes. Newer staff beads also tend to feature a draught seal. 

Why architects love sash windows?

When it comes to maintaining the original aesthetic of a period property nothing looks better than an original sash window. That also applies to the construction of new buildings, with many architects eager to include sash windows as a throwback to traditional design, giving the property distinct character and personality. 

Architects want to put their own individual stamp on any building they design and sash windows allow them to do just that.  

Because so many modern windows look generic and plain, the use of sash windows instantly gives any building a sense of individuality. 

When it comes to building low-cost property developments, uPVC windows are preferred because they are cheap and ensure every house looks identical. However, when planning higher-end properties and buildings of importance, sash windows are the go-to solution for architects, making sure their designs stand out, while also providing all the practical benefits a window should offer. 

Sash windows offer more light and elegance

No matter what type of property you live in, everyone benefits from receiving more light inside of their home. Not only does it give your skin the all-important vitamin D it needs, but it helps you feel more energized and mentally alive. 

The unique design of sash windows ensures that more light always comes into the building. This is due to the large panes of glass that characterize sash windows, allowing ample light to flood into the room. 

There is also an elegance to sash windows that other styles cannot compete with. It is one of the main reasons why they became so popular during the Georgian era, perfectly complementing the opulent and refined architectural designs of the period. 

New sash windows

When it comes to sash windows, repair and maintenance should always be the first options considered as it is usually more cost-effective. However, there are occasions when this isn’t possible and new sash windows have to be installed. 

Installing new sash windows doesn’t mean you have to compromise the heritage of the building. This is an important point to remember as properties with historical value can fetch up to 50% more on the market. 

Sash windows offer aesthetic and financial benefits to any property, so if you need to replace old ones, make sure you avoid uPVC alternatives and install new sash windows. 

By replacing your existing windows it presents the opportunity to install double glazing while keeping the same style. This will improve thermal efficiency, lower energy bills, enhance security and also allow you to reduce outside noise interference. 

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