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Twitter – An immensely popular social network!


Apr 1, 2020

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platforms where people share their thoughts, news, and other information in the form of texts. It is a texting based platform launched in the year 2006, where people can upload different statuses and tag their friends and colleagues. It felt a lot like texting, but the only difference was that you could communicate with a wider audience through Twitter. Twitter got a great benefit from the interactive conference in the southwest, which bombarded it from thousands of tweets and twitter took great benefit of it that gave it a much-needed boost.

Twitter started from an SMS oriented platform to an immensely popular platform where all the big celebrities have their accounts share different tweets about the world and their personal lives. Now twitter is a brand where everyone shares their thoughts and different news about the world. Earlier twitter had a limitation of about 140 words, which means a person cannot write a text in more than 140 words, but now there is no restriction, and you can even share some media along with the text or better known as a tweet. You can also Buy Twitter Followers to grow your account and increase your fan following on this platform.

A helpful guide to get more followers on twitter

If you are a Facebook user and have successfully attracted a lot of followers on it, then it doesn’t mean you can get more followers on twitter easily. You need to opt for something more effective to attract followers on twitter. You can follow specific tips to enhance the number of followers on twitter.

Tweet more frequently

The frequency of your tweets on twitter affects your follower base on the platform. If you have low followers and likes on twitter, you can increase it easily by tweeting more. You must also select your tweet carefully as there is no benefit of tweeting anything irrelevant as it won’t help you and your account. You must upload fresh and unique content so that your posts can reach a wider audience, and when new users see your content, they will be attracted to your profile, and once they visit your profile, they won’t be able to leave it without following you.

Post tweets at the right time

There is a particular time to post tweets as, at that time, traffic on twitter is the most, and you will come in front of more people. There are certain time zones when users on this platform are most active, and if you upload your tweets at that time, you can get the most engagement and enhances the reach of your tweets to a great extent. It gives your account a much-needed exposure and ensures that the number of followers on your profile goes up and stay consistent.

Focus on visual content

It is evident that people are attracted to pictures and videos more as compared to text. So, if you want to grow your profile on twitter, you must focus on visual content more so that it gets more reach, and more people get attracted to it.


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