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Types Of Emergency Lights And Its Maintenance


Oct 1, 2018

As a part of safety provision of a building, emergency lights are essential and, they should not be ignored. They are an important feature of the buildings as they provide alternative power than normal lightings and help people to exit the building safely.  These lights also help in making important decisions in unsafe situations by clearly marking exits and providing paths to safety. It is one of the main reason, as to why the emergency lights are made mandatory in public buildings like shopping complex, malls, railway stations, etc. There are emergency lights with varying power and lighting sources.

Open Area Lighting

Emergency lighting services are highly beneficial when you perform a task that requires a high degree of accuracy such as in operation theatres or during surgery. These lightings are not only beneficial but can also save numerous lives.  Many shopping malls, large hallways are illuminated with lights for 24/7 so that the occupants will be able to see where they are going and it minimizes panic. Panic lighting should therefore follow should an emergency evacuation be started by the sounding of the fire alarm. These kinds of lighting can also be a powerful warning against criminal activities, keeping buildings even safer.

Task Lighting

Emergency lights of this sort help people when they have to perform some safety procedures like breaking the glass to access a switch that is shut off, for reading safety instructions, an opening of an emergency exit and functioning of a Mr fire extinguisher. These lightings are applicable only across a selected range of scenarios. Task lightings are highly beneficial if you want to complete a specific activity. They are also used in specific work areas where illumination is needed, workshops as well as in dentist’s lamps.

Escape Route Lightings

Escape route lightings are provided in a building so that the people can safely evacuate the building by illuminating the escape routes. Escape routes can be the corridors, stairways, locations where the firefighting equipment’s like fire extinguishers, safety equipment , Fire Suppression Systems are placed. These lightings are considered to be an important requirement in all non-domestic locations and public areas.

Where Are Emergency Lights Necessary?

Emergency escape lighting is important in places like, exit doors, escape routes, intersections of the corridors, fir exit stairways, rooms that have no windows and toilets, fire alarm call points, emergency shutdown of equipment’s, fire alarm call points, and lifts. It is not necessary that each of these places should have individual emergency lights, but there has to be sufficient light so that it is visible to people and usable.


Maintenance of emergency lights is very essentials. A periodic check must be documented. The batteries should be sufficient enough to last for about 3 hours. If not they have to be replaced. The testing of emergency lights can be carried out either monthly or annually. Hire a responsible person and check for the working condition of the emergency lights. They are recorded in a log book and, immediate remedial requests will be taken if any defects are found.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Francis Fire Protection Services in Cheshire offers Fire Extinguisher servicing. Fire extinguisher servicing should be conducted annually, with monthly visual self-checks, in-line with British Standard BS5306-3:2017. Servicing involves rigorous and comprehensive checking of all fire extinguisher components, by a competent, insured and authorised person, identifying faults, corrosion and partial or complete discharge.

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