Redcar-based IntelliSight Opticians is warning against the dangers of purchasing novelty contact lenses from online vendors or novelty stores, especially around Halloween.
As people begin preparations for spooky celebrations, involving elaborate costumes, there is a trend to use coloured or patterned contact lenses to add the finishing touches. This could have dire consequences however, leading to serious eye infections such as ulcers, corneal tears or, in extreme cases, blindness.
Following live sessions on Facebook and Twitter, about unregulated contact lenses, Optometrist Julie Breen, is now echoing the warning issued recently by Moorfields Eye Hospital and the General Optical Council, about the dangers the seemingly harmless fashion items pose.
IntelliSight Opticians MD, Julie Breen, said: “People who may have purchased these contact lenses in the past will often describe them as ‘uncomfortable’, little do they realise that they’ve probably gotten away very lightly if that’s the worst that happens.
“The cheaper contact lenses use a paint that doesn’t allow oxygen to flow to your eye, hence the uncomfortable feeling, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Recent studies show that a massive 26% house of them bacteria which can lead to painful infections and, if left untreated, blindness.
“The good news, however, is that safe and regulated versions of the lenses are available from licensed optometrists, such as IntelliSight. They can be bought in-store where practitioners will show users how to fit and care for them properly.
“This allows people to still have a spooky and fun Halloween without risking a horror story for their eyes!”