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Unusual Jobs: The People Who Are The Best At Judging Online Casinos

ByDave Stopher

Jun 14, 2024

We all pass judgment and opinions several times a day, whether as part of our inner monologue or, more vocally, venting to our friends and family. The world economy is made up of all sorts of unusual jobs. In a new digital frontier, there’s been an eruption of new jobs that either didn’t exist before the internet or have only become more viable to a broader audience because of the internet. 

Review and critical opinion is an industry that has been around for a long time. Movie, TV, food, and music critics have made lifelong careers passing judgment on professionals in their industry. It’s not just about passing judgment, though—we don’t want to relegate their roles too much. 

It’s about being able to write in a gripping manner and to throw together unique comments—keeping it impartial and entertaining in an equal manner—and it’s a skill that few people genuinely possess. However, as much as it is a writing challenge, it also highlights the personal elements of your character and whether you have the objectivity and nuance to act as a suitable person in the middle to relay your opinion succinctly and clearly to a fellow gamer.

A History Of Online Casino Reviews & Their Rise 

The way the internet has changed the gambling industry over the last 25 years has been mindblowing. Anywhere you look in the industry, technology and the internet have allowed so many elements of it to flourish. Mobile app gambling has allowed people to play slot games and other casino games via their iPads or smartphones without leaving their homes. 

At the beginning of the 21st century, the idea of a casino review would have been pointless; they were all very much the same land-based operators with a similar approach to floor design and the games they had. Many of the top land-based casinos have been around for decades, whether they are in London, Las Vegas, or Monte Carlo. 

However, now, there are hundreds of different casino sites online, with dozens of new ones added weekly; there’s a significant market for reviewers who keep up with the developments, find high-quality providers, and dissect any issues they may have.

The internet has also ensured that the latest technology and utilising sprawling, widespread cheap internet access have become a focal point of their design. It has also allowed gambling companies to produce gambling podcasts and content and to use social media to advertise to much larger pools of potential customers, rather than local land-based casinos before the internet, which would have a small catchment area and a far more rigid, traditional approach to advertising. 

What Makes A Good Online Casino Review?

Once we understand what makes a good review, we have a clearer picture of the people who are good at this type of job. Firstly, somebody who reviews an online casino must have a decent knowledge of how all of the games work. If the review site is specific to slot gaming only, then obviously, in this case, the person who is reviewing the site can get away with not having extensive blackjack knowledge.

However, from our experience, the best casino review sites cover all bases, and you want a reviewer who ideally understands the broader business model on offer and how each game works. We’re not saying that the reviewer should be some sort of gambling oracle who can list World Series of Poker champions off the top of their head – it only makes up a small piece of the puzzle. 

A good example of this is Dermot Heathcote, an online casino specialist who himself wouldn’t admit to having an encyclopedia-like knowledge. Dermot demonstrates what makes a top online casino reviewer and judge—impartiality and a unique writing style. Dermot works for Irishluck and has been there for just under a decade.

Gripping The Reader 

A lot of the battle for online casino reviewers stems from their inability to truly stand out. While online casino reviews will hardly win the Nobel Prize for literature, and nobody wants a completely over-the-top, unnecessarily detailed description of a casino provider, the best reviewers can keep people entertained and pull them in, wanting them to read on. 

One of the main pillars of good reviewing and judging is to add an opinion. Keep it concise and add an opinion of real value that can be backed up by statistics, data, and screenshots of the site. If a reviewer simply lists the games that a casino has, says they’ve got a decent customer service desk, and has been around since 2012, this isn’t somebody good at judging a casino. 

You want detail, specifics, gaming terminology, and some level of rapport so you know you’re dealing with an actual human writer with expertise on the subject and not some AI bot. While being a captivating writer isn’t a prerequisite that must exist for somebody to become a successful casino reviewer, it obviously helps to keep people on board. It makes it easier to digest the review and the point they’re trying to get across. 

Characteristics Of A Good Reviewer – Experience & Knowledge

A person who is the best at judging online casinos will have experience in the industry knowledge, as we have just mentioned, and they’ll be a casino gamer themselves. This doesn’t mean they sit around in the casino at high-roller tables obsessing over all of the small changes that occur in the industry. However, to have a good ongoing grasp of the industry, you need to be aware of the changes coming into play. 

For instance, many of the more recent proposed changes stem from Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality (VR) – more casinos are setting more of their money aside for both types of innovative technology. In addition, VR casinos are looking for people to review them – and those reviewers who simply stay in their lane or don’t understand that the industry is on the cusp of something very different are not going to be able to provide a modern review that can appeal to all types of casino gamers. 

Impartiality is another key trait that many casino reviewers lack. This doesn’t mean that they’ll write a 3,000-word scathing review of a casino that didn’t give them their money back 12 years ago—although they might. No, impartiality means not allowing bias to creep in, which can happen subconsciously, too. 

Those reviewers who are aware of this and are self-aware that they need to remain impartial regardless of any past dealings they may have had with that casino are the ones who often put together the best reviews and will remain fair and firm in their judgment.

Importance Of Passion & Enjoyment

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what your specific job role is. If you stop enjoying your job, or you’re doing it moreso out of necessity than passion – this will end up bleeding into your work one way or another. So, while it might seem a fairly obvious point to make, the best people at judging online casinos are those who enjoy their work and enjoy exploring every inch of a casino.

More often than not, if somebody enjoys writing casino reviews and actually takes the time to explore what’s on offer, this will become evident in their review. It won’t be a half-thrown-together piece; it’ll be detailed and full of terminology, which highlights that the person who is conducting the review knows what they’re talking about and takes their work seriously.

Many reviewers enjoy playing the games themselves. Therefore, seeking out platforms and reviewing them is not a chore. Those who are looking to build their brand and develop a name for themselves in iGaming as a top reviewer need to understand the importance of passion and drive, as it is often what carries people through in any field – not just in the art of writing. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it takes a cool head and somebody who can look at a casino objectively. Somebody who can easily remove any pre-existing bias and remain balanced and detailed in their review of a casino is the type of person you want to seek out to conduct a casino review. 

Other variables we spoke of today also play an integral role as part of the more extensive package. Reviewers who are passionate about what they do are able to write in a unique and gripping way so that you don’t feel bored. To sum up, a reviewer who actually enjoys casino gaming and ticks two or three of these other boxes is the type of person who is best at judging online casinos.