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Utility Alliance proving to be bright sparks in the energy sector

Utility Alliance general1THE Utility Alliance group of companies is on course for a record year after celebrating a turnover of £1m in the first twelve months, dwarfing the initial target of £550,000.

Set up by Darren Sutherland and Bob Moore in February 2015, energy brokerage specialist Utility Alliance is already well on course to smash all of the targets set out in the original five-year business plan.

Other businesses operating within different energy sectors are also under the Utility Alliance umbrella, covering areas such as research and development and eco-build advice.

Around 50 staff have already been taken on, and a recruitment drive is well underway to double that workforce within the next six months.

The business specialises in consulting with other firms to take a closer look at their energy usage and help make savings as well as lowering their carbon footprint.

Chief Executive Officer Darren said: “We couldn’t have imagined our first year in business going so well, but we aren’t the type of people to rest on our laurels.

“We are extremely driven in what we do, though I must admit we have had to pinch ourselves at how well things have gone.”

The pair worked together at a similar firm in Newcastle, but after being collectively responsible for securing more than £1m worth of business they decided to go it alone.

Darren added: “We just decided to start our own business, we had the knowledge and experience and wanted to create a transparent company that also gave back to its local community. We pumped whatever money we had into setting up ourselves, and took the gamble.

“We all know the market inside out, and a lot of customers are surprised to learn it’s not just about the so-called big six suppliers. We monitor all of the businesses across the world, and after doing a full audit to see what is being wasted and where, we come with a solution to reduce outages.

“We had thought about it for about a year, we did everything strategically and drew up a business plan. Of course there were risks, but our business plan became our bible and we looked at it every day.

“Now we have built up a strong supply of customers, we’re training our workforce on our products to work in the way we want them to, and we’re delighted with the way things are going for us.

“We have 50 staff in place, we have expanded the amount of office space we have and we’re recruiting for 50 more positions to continue that growth.

“Looking more long-term, I would say we could operate with a 250-strong team but that will be further down the line. We’re still a relatively new operation and in some ways we’re still finding our feet, but after the progress we have made so far we don’t have any issues setting our targets high.”

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