• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

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Views Wanted on Council Tax Proposals

MIDDLESBROUGH residents are being asked for their views on proposals to give extra help to those in the town struggling to pay Council Tax.

A consultation process is now underway to find out where people feel the amount of support given by Middlesbrough Council should be pitched.

At the moment, through the Local Council Tax Support scheme, less well-off residents of working age are required to make a minimum payment of 20% towards their Council Tax, with the scheme used to make up the remaining 80%.

The consultation carries six questions with the first asking whether the support available should remain at 80% or be increased to 82.5% or 85%, reducing the amount those residents eligible pay to 17.5% or 15% of the overall amount.

A further five questions then follow.

  • The survey can be completed online at http://consult.middlesbrough.gov.uk/portal/local_council_tax_support_3


By Emily