The current research and reports of the end of VR (virtual reality) are highly exaggerated. But the interesting part is, rather than dying, this amazing technology is expected to experience explosive growth in the coming years, analysts suggest.

It has been approximately 3 years since the VR headsets emerged. But if you have heard the pundits talk, you would believe that VR technology has already reached its growth peak and there’s no room for further development. However, the people who think that it is the end of VR are usually referring to Virtual Reality as a gaming platform. If you have ever played the BlackSpins online casino slot games, you would know what role does VR plays in improving the gambler’s experience. It makes it look as if the gambler is playing in the brick and mortar casino rather than on a small handheld device. Denouncing Virtual Reality is like confirming that the robotics industry is nothing but a catastrophe because some amazing robot fighting is yet to show the world how powerful this technology can be. It is important to note that games are amazing; however, there is much more to VR than gaming.

Virtual Reality as a Platform

Comparing to the consoles and PC’s gaming, the recent generation of VR gaming is a little, if not much, better. The question is if VR is this amazing then why the two giant groups in the Virtual Reality tech industry are apparently focusing on the gambling sector? It isn’t rocket science that gamblers are better individuals. The focus of the VR industry is to sell their brands to the consumers since there are a large number of consumers on earth than businesses.

You might have used the VR headsets if you are a gambler or have ever participated in online gambling. Well, these real VR headsets (not the fake “slide your smartphone inside) come with a hefty price tag. Besides being super expensive, these headsets require special skills and a huge rig to work. Gamblers are the people who already own these headsets and are well-familiar with its use. Currently, the plan of the VR industry is to provide these VR headsets to the people to test their reliability and capacity.

Virtual reality as a non-gaming Platform

The gambling market is getting popular with each passing day. It is no more an era where gambling is limited to entertainment and fun. Today, these industries add to the economy. According to experts’ prediction, the gaming sector will make up to $180 billion worldwide by the end of 2020. On the other hand, analysts suggest VR will be worth $117 billion by 2020. The figures clearly suggest that neither the gaming industry not VR technology is ending anytime soon.

What’s surprising is this development in VR tech is expected to come from some giant industries in the world. It is predicted that the demand for VR-based devices will increase by leaps and bounds in the medical sector, commerce and retail market, and of course, the gaming industry.