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18891Ward Recycling, the Middlesbrough-based waste management company, has secured significant contracts with Hambleton and Richmondshire Councils.

The three-year agreement will see Ward Recycling process around 8,000 tonnes of mixed dry recycling that it will collect from the local authorities’ waste transfer facility in Scorton, North Yorkshire, which will then be processed at Ward Recycling’s South Bank facility.

Following the sorting process, which accurately separates the mixed waste in to material type, Ward Recycling will identify a buyer for the final product and negotiate a deal – the proceeds raised through this sale will be divided between Ward Recycling and the councils.

When making their decision during the tendering process, both councils placed an emphasis on the quality of the final product, and after careful consideration identified that Ward Recycling was capable of delivering the best output using its modern materials recycling facility.

Gareth Godwin, Manager at Ward Recycling, said: “It’s always satisfying to win a tender based on the quality of your service and end product. Using our specialist facility that features state of the art sorting equipment we can ensure that the input is divided with greater accuracy, which improves the final value of the materials.

“This is a large contract in terms of volume and provides an excellent demonstration of our capacity, and ability to deal with significant quantities of recycling thanks to our specialist machinery, vehicle fleet and flexible workforce.”

Paul Staines who is Head of Service, Environment at Hambleton Council, said: “We are pleased to be working alongside Ward Recycling to secure the best option for our residents. We look forward to developing our relationship with the company over the term of the contract and will continue to work with them to ensure that the quality of the service provided by Hambleton and Wards is maintained and where possible improved.

Colin Dales, Corporate Director at Richmond Council, said: “Our aim is to maximise the amount of waste recycled in our district as part of our contribution to a better environment. This new contract will help us to achieve our aim and we look forward to a positive and productive relationship with Ward Recycling.”

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