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Watching camgirls: Should it be considered cheating?

ByDave Stopher

Sep 15, 2021

Watching camgirls online has raised lots of controversy amongst works of life. Until today, the argument is still being discussed. The truth is because saying whether watching camgirls is cheating is black or white. This is because cheating means different things to different people. So, to know whether watching live stream girls is cheating or not depends on where you stand with the word cheating. By the end of this article, you should be able to tell where you stand when it comes to watching camgirls and cheating. First, let’s explain some terms.

What is cheating?

What counts as cheating in your relationship is entirely up to the couple in the relationship. This is because cheating means different things to different people. However, cheating is generally defined as a form of infidelity in some form. To some people, any form of affection, spending emotional and quality time with someone else without their knowledge is cheating. Whereas to another set of people when their partner is involved in some form of sexual activities like kissing, romancing, or coitus they consider it as cheating.

Who is a camgirl?

A camgirl is someone who performs on a webcam often in the form of paid adult entertainment. Most camgirls stream from their home, while a few from a studio with a studio manager. Most live stream girls prefer to stream from their homes as it gives them the ability to accept or decline the audience at their discretion. Note that while a camgirl is okay masturbating on a webcam, doesn’t mean she is okay having sex with a stranger.

Why do some people consider watching camgirls as cheating?

Some people consider watching camgirls as cheating for these two main reasons:

Your partner is not alright with it and you persist

Not every partner is alright with their partner watching camgirls. So, if you’ve had the conversation previously and your partner expresses their displeasure towards you watching camgirls. And if at the end of the conversation, you agreed to not watch live stream girls. But at your partner’s back, in secret you decide to go back to watch the camgirl, then it is considered cheating. This is because you have told your partner you were not going to watch live stream girls, yet you did. Hence, it is not particularly the live stream girls you are watching that will hurt your partner but the fact that you gave your word yet didn’t honor it.

Seeing someone else as sexually appealing

The reason some other couples see watching live stream girls as a form of cheating is that they hate the idea of their partner being sexually appealing to another woman. This feeling is often fueled by their insecurity of how sexually appealing they are. Perhaps they feel they have a small boob or too big a belly amongst other things about their body that makes them feel ashamed.

Why watching camgirls isn’t cheating?

Some people don’t consider watching camgirls as cheating for these two main reasons:

No physical contact

If you are a partner that considers cheating as anything that involves a sexual act in any form can see watching a live stream girl as not cheating. This is because there is no form of physical contact in camming. Everything about camming is kept strictly online, and hardly will it ever be taken off the platform. This is because a good number of camgirls are not in the business to have sex with all their client. The majority of camgirls join the camming industry rather than escort services because they don’t feel comfortable having multiple sex partners. Hence, you can relax your mind as the cam girl isn’t interested in having any sexual act with your partner.

Model is only interested in the money

A partner who feels because their partner finds another woman to be sexually appealing considers watching live stream girls is cheating, they can ease their mind. This is because camgirls are not interested in your partner, rather they want what is the money in their pocket. Most men are willing to pay real money to have a private session with a particular camgirl.


To sum things up, watching live stream girls shouldn’t be considered cheating. If you are the type of person that sees it as a form of cheating, then you need to change your perception. Have a conversation with your partner and tell them your insecurities and find a common ground on how you both can make things work. If possible, engage your partner by watching live stream girls together and see where that leads.