You hit the post button and wait for the tweet to pop on your feed, and then boom, your closest friends hit it with like, comment how your so strong, and retweet how they’re so lucky to have a friend like you. However, behind those strong motivational words and photos of effortlessly putting in work, you’re crumbling apart inside, and you still keep up this facade that everything is okay when it’s not. It’s become so bad that you lull yourself to sleep by crying.

Now, despite how sad and depressing that situation may sound, this is a common occurrence in the contemporary world. People suffer from episodes like this because they are so entranced with such a romantic view of who they ought to be. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with trying to become the best version of yourself, but if this comes at the expense of your sanity and happiness, can you say that this version of yourself is how you want to live?

In contrast to all the self-improvement trends, we want to emphasize that there’s nothing wrong with cutting yourself some slack and not being perfect. And today, we want to touch base on the topic of escapism and why a momentary escape doesn’t necessarily translate to running away from a problem. Sometimes, it’s the healthier way to go about things.

Momentary Escape Vs. Running Away

Everybody needs a safe space, and that right there is why a temporary escape isn’t always bad; we all have to retreat into our comfort zones at times because nobody’s perfect. On the other hand, running away from a problem means that you’re abandoning any chance of facing it head-on and thinking as if it never happened.

  • A Chance To Think: There will be moments in your life when the challenges feel overbearing, and you can’t think straight with every single second battering down on your sanity. A momentary escape gives you a chance to think and wrap your head around the entire ordeal, allowing you to come back stronger and finding a resolution to the problem.
  • You’ll Be Addressing The Problem Soon: Healthy escapism means you only mean to use the necessary amount of down-time to grasp the situation and understand how you want to go about it. From the word “temporary,” you won’t be stuck in a perpetual loop of slowing down but instead using that chance to relax as a kick-off.

Common Forms Of Escapism

Now that we’ve established the difference between running away and a temporary escape let’s take a look at some common forms of escapism. Everyone has their unique preferences and hobbies, and with those two factors in mind, they can significantly vary how they go about escaping. But, the ones listed below are among the most common catalog of methods to get away from stress:

#1 Immersing Oneself In Fantasy

Nothing is closer to the idea of escapism than immersing oneself in fantasy. It just takes you away from reality and places you in a world where the parameters are in your favor, and you won’t have to sweat the little things.

  • Playing Videogames: From playing on your console with your friends to launching the PC and traversing through an open-world RPG, videogames are some of the best ways to escape from stress and find a safe space. Entertainment and having good ol’ fun is what they’re made for, which is why so many people turned to games when the pandemic hit hard.
  • Reading A Novel: Not everyone’s a big fan of games, but then again, who said you could only enter the world of fantasy through them? Books are the traditional method of grabbing you by the heartstrings and placing your right dead-center into the shoes of a protagonist. You feel every description of the world around them, and it even psyches you up to try your style of suspenseful writing.

#2 Putting Their Hands To Work

While some people find it counterproductive, there’s a large majority of people that find comfort in active escapism where they’re putting their hands to work and doing something they love. Sure, leisure is always synonymous with relaxing but doing something that gives you fulfillment trumps anything that cannot.

  • Learning A New Recipe: Cooking is one of the most popular escapism methods because (1) you get to improve your skills and (2) you get to eat some delicious treats. And, with those reasons combined, it makes learning a new recipe one of the most therapeutic ways to alleviate stress.

However, There Are Unhealthy Forms Of Escapism

But, despite all the good things about escapism, there are times when people use it for unhealthy reasons and through destructive ways. For example, some people overindulge in alcoholic drinks to help them sleep when these substances do the exact opposite of bringing your wellness. What’s worse is when people cling to more dangerous substances like drugs and smoking addiction. Therefore, if you fall in any of these categories, we strongly recommend reaching out to a medical professional and getting the appropriate substance dependence rehabilitation you need.

So, Don’t Beat Yourself Up.

In conclusion, remember not to be so hard on yourself and look on the brighter side of things. You don’t have to fall into the cookie-cutter idea of a successful person because you’re perfect just the way you are right now. Life is a journey of experiences and memories that only you get to decide.