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What are Aviva Monthly Saving Plans


Formed by a joint venture between Dabur Invest Corp of India and Aviva International of the UK, Aviva Life Insurance Company has made a strong foothold in the insurance sector of the country. As a private-sector life insurance provider, the company works with a customer-centric approach and provides a wide range of insurance products. To fulfill the requirements of the customer, Aviva Life Insurance offers products in different categories like investment, saving, retirement, child, ruler, etc. Aviva monthly saving plans are one of the best financial plans that cater to several options as well as provide an opportunity to secure your future safely.

The Aviva Monthly saving plans are categorized into 7 different products and are designed in a highly customized way to fulfill the requirements of the customers. The plans offered by this LIC life insurance company are designed in a very comprehensive way and provide a wide range of benefits to insurance buyers. To help you know more about Aviva monthly saving plans, here we have briefly discussed some of these plans, their features, and their benefits.

Aviva Dhan Nirman

As a comprehensive saving plan, Aviva Dhan Nirman offers a guaranteed annuity once the premium payment is over. Apart from annual gratuity, the plan includes death benefits, survival benefits, and maturity benefits. The 150% of the annual premium is decided as a gratuity sum.

Aviva Wealth Builder

If you want to double your investment over some time, then Aviva Wealth Builder is the perfect investment portfolio option for you. According to the policy documents, apart from the death benefit and tax benefit, insurance buyers receive twice the amount compared to their total paid premium.

Aviva Life Smart Plan

This is a Unit Linked insurance plan that provides an option for the customer to invest in 7 different funds. As applicable in the policy documents, death and maturity benefit is also provided under this plan. Aviva Life Smarty Plan is a combination of sum assured and fund value, therefore it provides comprehensive coverage that is paid to the beneficiary of the policy.

Aviva Dhan Samruddhi

As a traditional life insurance plan, Aviva Dhan Samruddhi provides the benefit of guaranteed payment after every 5th year of the policy. As applicable in the policy document, death and maturity benefit is also provided to the insured. Depending upon the tenure of the policy, the insured is also eligible to receive a guaranteed annual addition of 7-9%. Along with maturity and death, the policy also provides liquidity to the buyer. Moreover, a high sum assured can provide you with a rebate on your investment.

Aviva Life Bond Advantage

As a ULIP plan where the premium is collected in single pay. Under these plans, the customers can avail themselves of between 7 unit-linked plans as per their choice. Apart from basic death benefit coverage the policy also comes with a built-in accidental death benefit. Moreover, the policy also offers a systematic partial withdrawal scheme to the customers, under which the bank account of the policyholder gets credited by a predefined amount at regular intervals of time and provides intermittent liquidity.

Aviva New Family Income Builder

This is a savings cum protection plan that provides a regular payout to the insured for 12 years as a maturity benefit. The benefits of the policy are passed on to the beneficiary in case of the demise of the policyholder during the tenure of the policy. According to the policy documents, the death benefit is also paid to the nominee of the policy.

Benefits offered by Aviva Saving Plan

With saving facilities and life protection Aviva Saving Plans are certainly one of the most beneficial plans for insurance seekers.

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