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What are Hunter Sprinklers, and How do they work?

ByDave Stopher

May 13, 2021

Irrigation sprinklers are used to irrigate or water the lawns, golf courses, agricultural fields, or controlling the airborne dust. They are available for different usages in residential, agricultural, or industrial areas. It is good for places that do not have adequate water availability and on uneven land. Residential sprinklers come in different sizes, complexity, portability, and programming.

Some sprinklers use automated programming systems to water the area it is dedicated to. Some are available for manual use as they need human intervention to move and start them. However, the new technology has made it easier for house owners to irrigate the lawns even when they are not around using the automated hunter sprinklers. The article will discuss the hunter sprinklers and their work.


Manual and Automatic Sprinklers

Hunter sprinkler, the term speaks for itself, meaning it sprinkles water in the area that it is being used in. It is available for residential, industrial, and agricultural usages. There are different sprinkles in the market, like manual and automatic. Manual sprinklers are pipe-based systems that have nozzles and rotators on their head. It has to be manually rotated, and the tap needs to be put on and off. It is advantageous for people who stay at home and have ample time to look after their laws or agricultural lands.

With the advancements in technology, automatic hunter sprinklers have gained a lot of popularity amongst people, be it residential, industrial, or agricultural. The automated sprinklers have many parts;

  • Controllers
  • Valves
  • Rotors
  • Nozzles
  • Weather sensor


The irrigation system is duly set onto your house with the valves at the center of the irrigation system, the weather sensor with the controller, and other parts as per their work.

Let us understand the working process.

The first step involves setting up the controller; it has information on time, days that you have to water the lawn, the start, and stop of the water flow, etc.

At first, you have to set the current time on the controller screen; the buttons are available on the controller and are effortless to navigate through. You have to set the current time as it is the base of all the work. If the current time is wrongly put, the watering of the plants will also be at the wrong time.

When the current time is done and cross-checked, now set the start and stop the timer on the controller board. Always check the morning- evening slots as per the local water timings so that the lawns are watered only during the allotted time. The run will depend on the kind of sprinkler you are using; if it is drip, it will take more time, and if it is a spray system, then less time.

Plants have different water requirements in different weather; therefore, set the watering days as per the weather. You need to set the days after the runtime has been entered into the system. It is suggested to also look into the local area orders on which days is your address allowed to water the fields, plants, etc.

All these are necessary settings to be entered in the system to run automatically; however, a manual check is suggested for all the stations to ensure that the water outlets are in place and everything is working nicely.

To complete the process, you have to set the controller dial on ‘Run’; it will allow the water irrigation system to work as per your settings and timings. You are free to carry on with your work because the automated hunter sprinkler will take care of your farms, lawns, and desired areas.

Final Words

Installing irrigation systems is a difficult task; therefore, always research your way through the best professionals to design and install the irrigation system. The different parts that it comes with have many advantages. For example- the weather sensor helps save water when it rains, and the rotors allow water coverage from 15feet to 160 feet. If you make the best use of your hunter sprinkler, it can save you from the extra hustle and a lot of time. They are the best to be used in agricultural fields to irrigate the vast far lands.