Have you ever dreamt of building the house of your dreams? Do you want to get rid of a poorly constructed house? Then, a knock down home rebuild from an expert like A Class Building is a solution!

  • Have you always dreamt of building your house your way?
  • You don’t want to compromise on the quality of the build.
  • You love your Neighborhood
  • Your current home has the wrong floor plan.
  • You want to save money on buying a new home.

If the answer to all of the above questions is a yes, you surely need a knockdown rebuild of the solution. Reconstructing a house would mean a high-quality finish, open spaces wherever you want, well-placed windows, more extensive laundry, and a walk-in wardrobe. That you may have always had on your cards, a more expansive kitchen island, good plumbing, an open and airy living room, and all that you may have ever dreamt.

Why choose to Knock Down Rebuild?

#1. Increase the Value of your Land

Knockdown rebuild opens up an opportunity to fully optimize your current block size. In addition, a versatile design complying with your land can help increase the value of your home. 

#2. Get the most of your house at affordable prices

Often renovation costs a lot, but you can do it in phases; it is relatively reasonable to buy a new home as you save on stamp duty and other real estate fees. You can opt for an all-in-one solution including a pool and landscape makeover, or you can knock down some part of your house and rebuild it. 

Most rebuild contractors send you an upfront quotation for knockdown and rebuild, depending upon the shape and size of your block. So whether you have a dual living split level space, single or double story, or a granny flat design, knocking and rebuilding is at any time an affordable option. 

#3. Stay nearby whom you Love

You wouldn’t want to leave the Neighborhood you have loved all your life, your favorite restaurant/cafe, nearby park, the club you have always admired visiting. All these places hold a unique space in your heart. Moreover, you don’t want your children to hop schools and leave behind your old community, then a knockdown reconstruction is the best solution to hang on to your loved one and friends. 

#4. Create a home that’s right for you

Choosing to knock down and construct the house again is a bold move, but this gives you enough freedom and advantage to create your own creative space: no more adjustments, no more compromises with the poorly built structure. Instead, customize a home that’s right for you, floor plan, fixtures, and fittings; all your way that too without being heavy on your pocket. 

#5. Have a pool and landscape 

There is a wide range of pools and landscaping available in the market. Choose any of those to add some statement and class to your home. Landscaping and restructuring your residence are also great ways to upgrade your lifestyle and happiness quotient. 


Knockdown rebuild home is a streamlined and structured process of demolishing your house to rebuild it your way. A pool of landscaping service providers, interior designers, and knock down-home rebuild service providers do an excellent job to deliver you the house of your dream without compromising on quality, that too at affordable prices.