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What is Glastonbury?


Apr 28, 2023

What is Glastonbury?

Glastonbury is a small town located in Somerset, England. It is well-known for its rich history, spiritual significance, and the world-famous Glastonbury Festival, one of the largest music festivals in the world.

The town has been associated with spirituality and mysticism for centuries. It is believed to be the site of the mythical Avalon, the final resting place of King Arthur. The town’s most prominent feature is Glastonbury Tor, a hill that rises up from the surrounding landscape and is topped by the remains of a medieval church. The Tor has been a site of pilgrimage for centuries and is associated with many spiritual and mystical beliefs.

The Glastonbury Festival, also known simply as “Glasto,” has been held annually since 1970. It is a five-day event that takes place on a farm near the town and attracts over 200,000 visitors each year. The festival features a wide range of musical acts, as well as comedy, theatre, and other performances. It is also known for its unique atmosphere, with many festival-goers dressing up in creative and often outrageous costumes.

Aside from the festival, Glastonbury is a popular destination for those interested in spirituality and alternative lifestyles. The town is home to many shops and businesses that sell religious and spiritual items, such as crystals, tarot cards, and incense. It is also known for its alternative therapies, such as acupuncture and Reiki.

Despite its small size, Glastonbury has a rich history dating back thousands of years. The area has been inhabited since the Neolithic era, and the town itself dates back to the 7th century. Its history is intertwined with many historical figures, such as King Arthur and Joseph of Arimathea, who is said to have brought Christianity to Britain.

Today, Glastonbury is a thriving community that attracts visitors from all over the world. Its blend of spirituality, history, and modern culture makes it a unique and fascinating place to visit.

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