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What Makes Laravel Framework A Top Choice For PHP Web Development?


May 20, 2022

Before beginning to use a PHP framework, the very first thing you should become familiar with is PHP itself.

Learning a framework such as the Laravel framework will be challenging for you if you don’t have a strong command of the language already. The vast majority of frameworks are compatible with PHP versions 7.2 and beyond.

It would be best if you had some of your own PHP applications written by this point to have a good knowledge of what is necessary on the front and back end.

PHP is required because the vast majority of contemporary PHP frameworks are object-oriented. Ensure that you grasp fundamental ideas such as classes, objects, inheritance, methods, characteristics, and access modifiers.

You need to be familiar with databases and the syntax of SQL to make use of many web apps that connect to a database. Each PHP framework comes with its own unique list of databases that it supports.

It is beneficial to understand an object-relational mapping model, sometimes known as an ORM. ORM, or object-relational mapping, is a way to access the data stored in a database that uses object-oriented syntax rather than SQL.

This enables you to write queries for your database using PHP’s well-known programming language. However, there may be occasions on which you will prefer to use SQL instead.

The advantages of Laravel

Every new project requires the programmer to make crucial decisions, one of which is the selection of the appropriate back-end technical stack.

In this sense, Laravel is a framework that is based on PHP. It retains all of the features and constructions of PHP, but it also provides several components that can simplify the development of certain parts of the code. These components include database integrations, security controls, and dynamic routing.

It is possible to construct web apps using either one, but which one is preferable will be covered in further detail in the following paragraphs.

Laravel is a PHP-based framework that is freely available to the public. Taylor Otwell, who developed it, started with another framework (Symfony) and built it up, including user authentication features.

It is utilized by various websites, some of which include the esteemed Vogue Archive, an online archive of the fashion magazine, and Laracast, a platform that offers classes and training materials for programmers.

Laravel adaptability and scalability

Because of its excellent scalability, Laravel is a perfect choice for use in complex projects.

This is achievable as a result of the fact that programs may be constructed in layers, making it simpler to scale them.

Using a reliable database in conjunction with a load balancer if you want your Laravel application to have high horizontal scalability.

In terms of adaptability, because it is a framework, the programmer is restricted to the implemented features. On the other hand, when working with PHP, it is possible to modify or integrate new features by writing code from scratch or by installing pre-existing packages using Composer or one of the other package managers.

PHP is a language that can be easily scaled, making it an excellent choice for projects that are not too large. Using PHP, for instance, can be more time-efficient for blogs that do not have particularly sophisticated functionality.

However, it is not the best option for projects that will require a significant expansion in the future because it is then necessary to rewrite the code from scratch.

This is the case unless the initial development has already been designed with that in mind, defining a basic structure to which you can integrate portions of code referred to as “microservices” over time. If the initial development has not been designed with that in mind, then it is not the best option.

Laravel performance and security

Applications built with the Laravel framework are frequently regarded as being quite sluggish in their performance.

This can cause specific issues for websites that use this framework, such as search engine optimization (SEO).

However, there are techniques to maximize performance, and the active Laravel community has provided suggestions for doing so.

One of them is to use caching so that information and data can be loaded into memory that has already been saved at some point in the past. This brings the application’s response time down to a lower level.

Laravel has some fantastic built-in security measures, such as protection against SQL injection and XXS attacks, user authentication and authorization, and other similar features.

The Bottom Line

If you use Laravel, you may construct more complicated web applications. It has a low to medium learning curve as a result of the integrated tools and solutions, which makes it appropriate not only for senior developers but also for junior developers.

When you use frameworks like Laravel or Symfony, you are able to concentrate on the functional aspects of the application because the more structural elements, such as data integrity, access management, and routing, have already been integrated. This frees you up to work on the application’s functionality.

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