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What should you consider while choosing a cricket shoe?


Nov 3, 2021

Whatever you do in cricket, you definitely have to run and your position matters. Hence, wearing a pair of proper cricket shoes is necessary. If your shoe is bad or uncomfortable, you cannot get involved in the game completely. For a fielder, it would be difficult to run faster. A batsman can struggle to find the right stance. A bowler can feel discomfort while bowling. So, you should find the right kind of cricketing shoes from reliable companies like the western sports centre. Let us discuss the things to consider while choosing a cricket shoe.

Things to consider while choosing a cricket shoe

  • Size

Whenever you are about to choose footwear, the size of the product will matter the most. You cannot run or walk comfortably if you do not wear a shoe of your size. You cannot bowl, bat, or field properly if you do not have a shoe that fits your footwell. However, you should not go with a tighter shoe as the extra tightness would make you uncomfortable. If it is loosened enough, you will not be able to run properly. Hence, you should choose the shoe of the right size to play comfortably.

  • Spikes

If you are choosing a pair of shoes for cricketing action, the primary thing to consider is the spikes and their quality. As the game is reliant on running, you should ensure your feet get the proper grip on the grassy surface. If there are no spikes, you will not be able to achieve this. So, you should choose a shoe with good spikes.

  • Cushions

If you have chosen a shoe that contains a hard bottom instead of a cushion, you will feel pain in your heels within few kilometres of running or few minutes of standing at a place. As you would stand or run till the cricket game ends, your body will be exerting constant force and pressure on your legs. If there is a cushion on the heel portion in your shoe, you can overcome this pressure and play with comfort. However, the cushion should be of high quality.

  • Endurance

If you are using a shoe for morning walks alone, you need not consider the stability and endurance of the shoe. However, a cricket person will be using the shoe for a long time and will exert a constant force on it. So, your shoe could go unusable in a few days if it is not made of stable material. As it will cost higher if you change the shoe constantly, it is better to find a shoe made of endurable material.

  • Ventilation

Although shoes cover your feet alone, your feet would have to breathe during your practice or match session. If there is no proper ventilation in your shoes, your feet will get uncomfortable soon. If you are playing on hot days, the discomfort will be more. You cannot concentrate on your game well with this discomfort. Hence, it is better to find a shoe that offers better ventilation.

By ozfetch