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Which Is Better Between Ninja Blender Vs. Vitamix?

People who engage in the Ninja blender vs. Vitamix debate know that each side has a point. However, if you weigh the two options, you will realize that one wins with more points than the other.

This will be easier – or you will have a kind of balanced judgment – if you have used both the Ninja blender and the blender Vitamix. You will have the first-hand experience using the two blenders. You will be in a good position to compare the two blenders. For this set of people, they will read the reviews from reviewbrewery and shake their head.

But for those who are looking out, you have heard about the debate and you want to make a choice.

There are factors to consider when making this kind of argument. They might be all you need to make a choice. If the factors meet your needs, you will consider the one which wins in that area and choosing will become simple and easier.

These are the factors

  •       Price
  •       Brand
  •       Maintenance
  •       Size

You see, the Ninja blender vs. Vitamix should not be done blindly. If you are looking for a blender to use when serving a big family, you will want to consider the size. If you have a small space in your kitchen, you will want to consider the size too, so that you will have room for the blender.

To be honest, the argument will not cease to continue for many reasons. The two blenders are from respected brands and they have a lot to offer in terms of producing different models, blade size and other unique features. This means people love them and they will support the brands that meet their needs religiously.

They have things in common. For instance, they have powerful blades that could liquidize ice in a few seconds. They are both easy to maintain if you are looking at how to clean.

Let’s Look at Some of the Basic Factors and Compare them.


Ninja blender vs. Vitamix arguments can focus on blending. Which one do you think blends well than the other? The two perform well when it comes to blending solids such as fruit, seeds, vegetables, and ice. The difference can be noticed only when you move away from the basic operation and into advanced cooking, preparing and serving.

The three main things to consider in advanced cooking are speed, blades, and powers. So that is what you should compare when you are making an argument about these blenders.

Majority of Vitamix blenders use the 1300 watts. The ninja, on the other hand, uses between 1000 and 1500 watts. So look at the model carefully before making a choice.

If you do your experiment carefully, the Vitamix will win in this area. It has more raw power than the Ninjas. Where the Ninja is having a hard time breaking down peanut butter and frozen fruit, the Vitamix shows its class. The Ninja works fine if you are using it for softer foods and vegetables. Whereas if you are planning to buy the Vitamix then you must go for the vitamix 5200 series blender for the better performance.

The Containers

Here is another area where you can rest the Ninja blender vs. Vitamix arguments upon. The two blenders have different sizes of containers and they share some similar characteristics. For instance, they are both safe, made with BPA (bisphenol A) free materials.

For the Vitamix, the container sizes include:

  •       32-ounce dry grains
  •       32 ounce
  •       48 ounce
  •       64 ounce

For the Ninjas, the container sizes include:

  •       Single serving cups
  •       40-ounce bowl
  •       72-ounce pitches

Here the argument ends up a tie. You will choose the size you want and there are different options for you.


When it comes to convenience, you have to use the blenders in terms of controls and features and how to operate them.

Vitamix has more controls that look refined. (You should know that ‘refined’ refers to the ease of use, without a drop in the power of the blender.) The brand has a kind of Hi/Low switch. Vitamix blenders usually come with a tamper which allows you to blend frozen and solid foods.

The Ninja also has its kind of useful controls. There are 3-set speeds and a pulse button, giving you better control as your blended substances are turning out. The Ninja has fine blades of course, and the speed is pretty great. But the presence of the blade tower makes things a bit difficult if you are planning to sample what you have blended.

Here, when using convenience as criteria to judge the Ninja blender vs Vitamix, you have to give the advantage to Vitamix.

By ozfetch