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Why Bitcoin is the Future of Online Gambling


Nov 24, 2020

Before delving any deeper on the topic, it’s essential to know what Bitcoin actually is. Created near the end of 2008, Bitcoin gained popularity and worth over the years. The first transaction using Bitcoin was recorded already in January 2009, and even though this new currency is still in its early stages of adoption, it already counts millions of happy users.

It’s a cryptocurrency, or in other words, a digital currency, meaning that Bitcoins aren’t printed like all the traditional currencies we are familiar with (like dollar, euro, or yen). Rather, it only exists electronically and can be stored in so-called electronic wallets, specially designed for this purpose.

Although Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, it does share some fundamental characteristics with other traditional currencies. For example, one can use Bitcoin in exchange for some goods or vice versa. Nevertheless, they are purely digital and don’t exist in the physical world. 

In addition to that, there are some core benefits of Bitcoin that are the reason why more and more people are opting for it.

How Bitcoin Works

Before going any further, it’s important to understand how Bitcoin works and its essential guidelines. Generally speaking, Bitcoin isn’t that different from traditional currencies. Similarly to them, it’s used for purchasing and selling goods or services.

Let’s return to the beginning. Before using Bitcoin, first, it needs to be made. Besides selling something in exchange for Bitcoins, one can also purchase them in exchange for real money or create some on their own using the computer.

One of the main advantages of Bitcoin currency and exchange is the decentralized protocol – there’s no bank or any other institution controlling the protocol and exchanges. That’s possible because all Bitcoin transactions are visible and accessible to the public. Its universal network is entirely transparent, which ensures a safe and secure transaction.

Additionally, because the whole process happens virtually, there is no need for personal identification between two users, only the identification of their electronic wallets needed for the transaction to be completed. 

In this case, electronic wallets hold all necessary information, including details of all previous transactions. So, the exchange of Bitcoins is not entirely anonymous but has a certain level of anonymity between its users.

How Online Casinos Can Use Them

There are many reasons why technology is advancing at a rapid speed, continually bringing up something new and better. As the years go by, more and more people realize the advantages of technology and its benefits. Even corporations and small companies move their businesses online because of its simple and convenient management.

Casinos are not an exception. With online gambling now available to everyone, people can enjoy their favorite games from the comfort of their home or on the go using their portable devices. Additionally, besides online casinos gaining popularity over a short period, they can now use Bitcoin as their primary currency.

As mentioned before, Bitcoin doesn’t need the personal information of users, only information about their electronic wallets, allowing a certain level of anonymity between users that other methods of withdrawing or transacting funds cannot provide.

To add, Bitcoin transaction, independent of any banks or government institutions, is almost instant and free of charge because it’s fully decentralized and solely between the users participating in it.

Benefits of Bitcoin to Players

There are numerous benefits to players regarding using Bitcoin for online gambling, which you can check out here. Probably the most important benefit is the increased anonymity of players. When using Bitcoin, all the players need is a Bitcoin wallet ID, independent from its user’s personal or financial information. With that, Bitcoin allows you to play, deposit, and withdraw simply and safely.

Furthermore, the players can seek withdrawals and make deposits instantly, with almost no additional costs such as transaction fees. The majority of banks and other financial institutions need some time before a transaction is finished. 

It can be a big downside for many, which is why they choose Bitcoin for its instant transaction with minimal information needed.

Benefits of Bitcoin to Casinos

As there are many benefits to players while using Bitcoin, there are also benefits to casinos, as explained in this article. As Bitcoin is not regulated or controlled by any government, it proves to be significantly easier to follow and process transactions.

Using Bitcoin proves to be the most convenient option for casinos since all costs and expenses are decreased immensely for the provider. Also, there is no need to transact from one currency to the other, which saves resources and removes all the unnecessary steps of transactions.


To conclude, there are many benefits of online gambling, particularly using Bitcoin, which is why this will most likely be the future of casinos. The simple use and design of Bitcoin are why each year, more people and companies choose to manage their finances using it.

The increased anonymity, speed, and convenience are only some of the strengths of Bitcoin cryptocurrency that traditional currencies don’t possess and won’t ever be able to provide to its users.


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