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Why Most Business Analysts Wouldn’t Recommend a Free Antivirus Suite

ByDave Stopher

Jun 13, 2020

Most people don’t see the need to pay for antivirus software anymore. But free antivirus software isn’t as good as the paid antivirus solutions such as Total AV virus protection. Business analysts advise users to pay for antivirus software for two main reasons:

  1. Good free antivirus programs are scarce.
  2. The protection offered by inbuilt windows tools is not enough.

Why exactly don’t they recommend traditional antivirus suites?

There are infinite potential threats, most of which have been coded to look like normal applications. These deliver their malicious files into the system once they have been installed. Most well-known free traditional antivirus suites are said to protect against a single set of known threats. A lot of these so-called suites cannot keep up with the cybercriminals’ new tricks.

Are you wondering why free antivirus isn’t good enough? Here are some good reasons:

1.    Vulnerability

A robust security program is supposed to offer a 100% guarantee that the user’s information is safe. The nature in which free antivirus programs offer protection is questionable. The software requires unlimited access to your information so that it can offer maximum protection. If the software fails, your information will be at risk of being exposed to criminals. In this case, the free software leaves you vulnerable and becomes a threat itself.

2.    Performance

Some traditional free antivirus suites are notoriously known for causing computers to slow down, sending distracting pop-up notifications and ads for updates. They will also install unsafe browser extensions without your consent.

A good antivirus does only what it’s supposed to which is offering protection.

3.    Privacy

Good privacy and security can hardly be obtained for free. The free antivirus tools are more likely to put your data at risk than protect it. They tend to collect information such as your browsing habits and sell it to advertising companies.

Who needs to pay for an antivirus tool?

The short answer is everyone, most paid antivirus and antimalware solutions offer more features that have been vetted and rolled up into a neat and manageable package. Some of the additional services include VPNs, credit protection, and online vaults for your passwords and other important documents. These sound very attractive, especially for business owners.

When users pay for a reliable antivirus program, they benefit from incomparable peace of mind. There’s so much convenience that comes with that price, and this makes it worth the money you pay now and then to renew your subscription.

You need to pay for premium antivirus services if you have lots of private data to protect, such as medical and financial data. You should also get a robust antivirus tool if your browsing takes you to risky websites.

Is Windows Defender enough?

Windows has its free protection tools that protect your files from different types of malware, including ransomware. But nothing is perfect, and no one can say for sure that cybercriminals cannot break through Window’s protection.

In the past, it was considered a wrong move to run two antivirus programs because of potential conflicts. Nowadays, some people install two different antivirus tools to run together, provided that they’re set up correctly. The premium version scans your downloads while the free version scans your system when you suspect that you have downloaded malware.

However, most people do not need additional protection and are okay with the built-in package. Windows Defender catches most of the malicious software that may have found its way into your computer.

If you are looking for a way to save money, Windows Defender is worth a try. It’s important to note that you need to keep the software up to date at all times.

The best protection is layers and good habits

It doesn’t really make total sense that a single application is aware of all the universal threats that computer users are faced with and could potentially fix them all. As we all know, no single antivirus can receive perfect scores from all tests

Business analysts believe that antivirus is one of the most overrated security tools. Even though these programs can detect unwanted software and protect your device, they’re still not sufficient.

The best way that users can protect themselves is by putting in place the best layers and practicing good internet habits such as keeping a backup of your data in external storage and not visiting malicious websites.

Author’s Bio: Dorine Njatha

Dorine is a passionate writer, which, considering you’re reading this, makes perfect sense. For the past four years, she has enjoyed writing authentic content that captivates readers and delivers clients’ vision into words – but never at the expense of providing an entertaining read. A lot of her SEO articles focus on balancing an informative aspect with SEO needs to help Google search rankings surge. Additionally, Dorine has a broad base from which to approach many topics.