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Why your next holiday should be in England?

When you first think of a vacation, scenes of tropical beaches and poolside resorts may come to mind. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. England has plenty to offer – from historical landmarks to hands-on adventure. England is home to some of the most beautiful places in the world. Once you get past the grey weather, England could be your favourite travel destination so far.

Here are a few reasons why England should be your next summer holiday.

So much history

If you’re a history buff, England is the place for you. One popular historical destination you can venture to Stonehenge in Wiltshire. Stonehenge is a 5,000-year-old stone circle and some people believe the circle has spiritual significance, and there is strong archaeological evidence it was used as a burial site. Alternatively, you could head to the Tower of London to see the crown jewels and famous sites. But if you can’t decide where to go, perhaps you could try a small escorted tour around England to scratch your historical itch and see a bit of everything.

Iconic architecture

London is filled with all different types of architecture. You can see everything from the contemporary architecture of the Shard to the Gothic church of Westminster. The most popular architectural styles in the Capital are Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian. You can also find a few Modern and Art Nouveau structures as well to cater to every traveller’s interest.

Different cultures

Outside of London, each town has a different dialect and local culture. The North of England is known for its strong accent, cold weather and friendly locals. Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds are the biggest cities in the North. You may struggle to understand the local dialect at first, particularly when paired with a thick Geordie accent. South London is known for its infamous cockney rhyming slang. The locals still use cockney phrases in passing. England may be a small country, but it has plenty of culture.

Great good and alcohol

The British like to drink alcohol. Head into a local pub and grab yourself a pint of the local ale or lager. You can chat with the locals or have a quiet night with a drink in hand. On Sundays, it’s traditional to eat a roast dinner either at home or in the pub. The dinner includes Yorkshire pudding, vegetables, gravy, roast potatoes and some form of meat. A must try if you’re visiting from overseas!


If you fancy an adventurous holiday, head to The Lake District up North. You can hike mountains, walk around lakes and partake in a few outdoor activities. You could go climbing or rowing on the river. It’s up to you! The Lake District has some breath-taking spots, and it’s a World Heritage Site.

Why don’t you try something new and book your trip to England and visit the must-see sights. There’s plenty to offer and something to cater to every kind of traveller.

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