Vine House Farm, the home of pioneering wildlife-friendly farmer Nicolas Watts and his family, grows 400 acres of bird seed, including 100 acres of sunflowers, and is a haven for a host of wildlife.

This month The Wildlife Trusts are celebrating a flourishing 10-year partnership with Vine House Farm, working together for wildlife.  By donating up to 5% of its sales to The Wildlife Trusts, Vine House Farm has raised over £1,250,000 to support wildlife conservation across the country, and inspire people to experience wildlife first-hand.

Stephanie Hilborne, CEO of The Wildlife Trusts said:

“Ten years ago, we chose to partner with Vine House Farm not just because they produce great birdseed but because of the amazing things they were doing for wildlife on their own farm, and their very real commitment to our work. People taking action in the places that are closest and most important to them is a powerful force for change.  The thousands of people who buy the birdseed are doing just this, and so too are Nicholas and his daughter Lucy.  We’re very proud to be working with Vine House Farm to bring about nature’s recovery and to bring the joy of wildlife into more people’s lives. “

Tee Valley Wildlife Trust has received over £4000 as of the scheme, which goes to support work to manage and improve sites in the Tees Valley as well as inspiring local people to get involve with what we do and acting for wildlife. The Trust uses food from Vine House Farm on its only bird feeding station at Margrove Heritage Centre which attracts a number of birds including siskins, trees sparrows and greater spotted woodpecker.

Steve Ashton, Tees Valley Wildlife Trust says.” I am often asked about what, when and how to feed wild birds and appreciate that this is one thing that people can do not only to benefit wildlife but also to get them closer to nature. Working with Vine Farm has enabled us to offer a quality, affordable and reliable source of food for wild birds visit for more information. Don’t forget to tick the box to ensure Tees Valley Wildlife Trust get the donation!”

Fourth-generation farmer Nicholas has been working the land at Vine House Farm in Deeping St Nicholas, Lincolnshire, since he was a boy. His bird watching hobby became part of his work in 1992, leading to an MBE for his wildlife conservation work and wildlife-friendly farm management, and many other awards.

Nicholas Watts MBE, said: “Farming this way is a way of life for us and it brings about great pleasure to see wildlife thriving. I have always enjoyed feeding birds and now I am feeding more than I could ever have imagined with the help of our customers!”

Over the last 20 years, thanks to wildlife-friendly measures put in place at the farm, barn owl and whitethroat numbers have quadrupled, and tree sparrow and lapwing numbers have increased ten-fold.