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Will you sink or swim as we face recession?

With rising energy bills, soaring inflation and a recruitment crisis, being a small business owner has never been a more challenging option.

But a North East-based business coach has the answer to riding out the recession – and is looking to share his secrets in a free seminar.

Ian Kinnery will be hosting ‘The recession is coming – will you sink or swim?’ seminar later this month, at Crathorne Hall Hotel, near Yarm.

The former businessman, who now runs a successful coaching business, said: “The news is full of stories of rising prices, inflation, soaring energy costs and skills shortages.

“The doom mongers would have you believe the end is nigh but, while times may certainly be tough, we all know that every negative economic event creates some great companies just as much as it will kill off the weaker ones.

“I have led and grown business through challenging economic climates for many years so I have plenty of strategies up my sleeve that leaders can employ now to make sure they thrive and grow – whatever the forecast.

“These strategies are so important that I am inviting local business leaders to my first in-person event since the pandemic.

“I guarantee you will come away from my seminar with six strategies to either implement, or enhance, right now. Remember, your aim isn’t to outrun the danger, it is to outperform your competition and showing up is the first step to having a competitive advantage.”

As well as hearing from Ian himself, local entrepreneurs will also have the chance to network with fellow business leaders and learn how they are dealing with the economic uncertainty.

The event takes place on Tuesday, September 27th, starting at 5pm with networking and refreshments.

To book, visit:

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