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Workaholics Wish List

ByDave Stopher

Oct 29, 2018
  1. Lazy Arm For Smartphones, £9.99 fromASOS.

Here to give you a helping hand in the office, this funky and functionally flexible Smartphone holder can be clipped onto your desktop. Perfect for making hands free calls, video messages and sending emails, the list goes on.

  1. Pro Plus 36, £365.00 fromVaridesk.

Take your work space to the next level with the Pro Plus sit standing desk. This two tiered design is ideal for dual monitor setup’s allowing the separation of your laptop and monitors from your keyboard, mouse and other accessories. Using a spring loaded boost with 11 different height settings, no assembly or installation is required. Your Pro Plus sits comfortably on top of your current desktop, it couldn’t be easier!

  1. Gameporium, £8.63 fromAmazon.

Fidget until your heart’s content with the Gameporium, perfect for anyone who can’t keep their hands still in the office. Jam packed with multiple games of balance, tilt, gravity defiance and mazes, it’s miniature size makes it small enough to fit in your pocket and keep you busy when feeling stressed, bored or anxious.

  1. Boogie Board Blackboard, £44.99 fromTheFowndry.

Write, sketch, plan and design all at your fingertips with the Boogie Board Blackboard, the inkless pen with paperless paper featuring Liquid Crystal Paper. Write on anything from lines, grids, photographs or digital screens, ideal for designers and copywriters it’s just like writing on the real thing but without the excessive reams of paper. 

  1. Global Warming Mug, £8.99 fromUrbanGifts.

Continue to spread the global warming message during your tea break with this rather topical Global Warming Mug. Depicting a physical map of the world with space for 300ml of your favourite brew. Combining heat-sensitive technology and satellite imagery, as the water levels rise watch as parts of the map begin to blot out,revealing the potential effects of global warming on the earth.

  1. Varichair Pro, £295.00 fromVaridesk.

Designed to engage your leg, back and core muscles, the Varichair Pro combines a bent plywood base and wide cushioned seat for added comfort. Giving you the freedom to move throughout your day, letting you stay active even while sitting or leaning at your desk. It’s the easy-to-use way to get more flexibility from your workday.

  1. Soho, £150.00 fromVaridesk.

The Soho compact standing desk solution lets you reep the benefits of a height-adjustable desk in the tightest of office spaces. Designed for those who work exclusively on a laptop, tablet  or have limited workspace, here provides the solution with the same sturdy, height-adjustable design.

  1. R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum Cleaner, £12.99 fromTheFowndry.

Nobody likes a messy work station, the force is certainly strong with that one! This R2-D2 miniature pootles its way around your workspace hoovering up dust, crumbs and stray hairs as you go. A great office toy and handy to keep the dark forces of grubbiness at bay.


  1. Shake N Wake Silent Alarm Clock, £13.03 from365Games.

If you know someone guilty of waking up the whole house with those disruptive morning alarms then this wearable silent alarm clock is sure to be the answer. Strap it to your wrist or place it under your pillow and it’ll shake and vibrate to wake you up, meanwhile the backlit LED display guarantees that it’s easy to check the time even in the dark.

  1. Cube Corner 36, £425.00 fromVaridesk.

It’s time to revert from the mundane day to day life behind your desk, and give the gift that shows you care. The perfect fit for most standard sized cubicle systems or modular spaces, the Cube Corner offers generous wide working space allowing you to work while sitting or standing at your desk.

  1. Zerowater(7, 10, 12, 23 cup), from £24.99 fromZeroWater.

Stay hydrated throughout the day with the Zero Water Filtration Jug. As the only water filter that delivers the equivalent to purified bottled water in your own space. Developed with a pour-through system that aims to deliver the best filtration possible with it’s premium five-stage ion exchange technology, this filter removes virtually all total dissolved solids (TDS).

  1. WakaWaka Power + Solar Charger, £59.99 fromTheFowndry.

For all those desktop gadgets, power up with the WakaWaka Power + Solar Charger. The small, lightweight portable power supply and LED torch with built-in solar panel to occupy one full side of the device. The two gasketed USB ports – one micro and the other full-size is an added bonus to charge your smartphone, camera and other devices ensuring your all juiced up!

  1. Exec 40, £495.00 fromVaridesk.

It’s out with the stagnant way of working, and time to swap it for a new wave of thinking that both the body and mind will thank you for with the Exec 40! Perfectly suited for those taller users accommodating people 6’1” and taller, the two-tiered design gives you a spacious upper display area for your laptop, monitor, or even dual-monitor setup, while the lower slide out tray has plenty of room for a full-sized keyboard, mouse and much more.