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Jun 22, 2020

Pupils and staff at Yarm School have formed a virtual choir and band for a lockdown performance of well-known song, Caravan of Love.

Organised by the school’s Music Department, the idea behind the performance is to create a sense of unity during these difficult times. Vocal and instrumental parts of the piece were written to enable people of all musical abilities to get involved.

Submissions of individuals’ performances have been collated by the school’s music department and will be stitched together to produce the final track. The lockdown performance will be published on Yarm School’s website and social media channels from the end of June.

Mrs Staggs, Director of Music at Yarm School said: “I have been absolutely delighted by the response to this project.

“Music is unifying, calming, uplifting and something that touches everyone’s life in some way. This is such an iconic song, and gives a message of love and hope, something we all need in these challenging times.

“I hope that everyone enjoys the production, and thanks to all those who have taken part so far.”

Andrew McIntyre who leads music recording activity at Yarm School, said: “The school community, the community of Yarm and surrounding areas, professional singers and instrumentalists all came together to create a lasting musical memory of the challenging times we find ourselves in.

“Thanks to the wonders of modern technology we will be able to reach out to our pupils and many other people, in their homes during lockdown, to create a stunning vocal and musical performance and I am very proud of everyone who took part.”

Tegan Addison, pupil at Yarm School said: “I was excited to get involved in the Caravan of Love Project because one of my favourite things about the music school at Yarm is the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians, in clubs such as choir and orchestra. This performance is a brilliant way to bring everyone together in these uncertain times and I love how anyone could join in.”