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Your Guide to Battery Sizes

ByDave Stopher

Nov 7, 2021

When it comes to buying batteries for your household devices, it can be an easy task if you already know the type of battery you need. However, there are so many different brands and types of batteries now available on the market, that it can seem like a minefield to find the right one. From the most popular and standard sizes to more specialist types of batteries, BuyaBattery offer a guide to help you understand what you’re buying.

What are the most popular battery sizes?

The most popular batteries are alkaline, which are single-use batteries designed for everyday use in household devices and equipment. This can include television remotes, clocks, children’s toys, kitchen gadgets and so on.

Alkaline batteries come in 5 standard sizes, including AA, AAA, C, D and 9V. These 5 sizes can accommodate a huge variety of devices and are typically 1.5V, except for 9V batteries. Voltage refers to the unit of current in your battery.

You will find that lithium batteries are also available in AA and AAA sizes. Lithium batteries are generally used in high-tech devices and can last longer than alkaline batteries.

These 5 sizes are also available in rechargeable batteries, which can be handy if you use batteries on a regular basis. Rechargeable batteries can only save you money in the long run, especially for devices like DAB radios and games consoles. 

What size are the batteries that look like coins?

You will have likely seen more and more coin cell batteries, as they are popular for use in smaller electronic devices like car keys, fitness watches, calculators and so on. These batteries are lithium coin cells. 

There are a number of different sizes of coin cell batteries, but they are named after their size which make it a bit easier to find the right one! Typically you will come across the following sizes, CR2032, CR2025 and CR2016. The ‘20’ represents 20mm in diameter, and the second set of numbers represents the thickness in millimetres. So, a CR2032 battery will be 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm thick.

Smaller coin cell batteries

There are also much smaller batteries available that look similar to coins, but are more like buttons. These button cells are alkaline, and are popular for use in things like Christmas tree lights and digital thermometers. 

There are a variety of sizes available that are all named differently. Some begin with LR or V, and some are just numbers, like the popular 625A battery. It often depends on the manufacturer. 

Small cylindrical batteries

The 5 popular sizes we mentioned earlier are all cylindrical in size, but there are others available that look similar. These are specialist sizes, and are often used in equipment such as remote control transmitters for garage doors, doorbell buttons and security sensors.

These sizes are often known as CR123 or 23A and are characterised by being smaller than the average AA or AAA battery.

How to buy the right battery size

It’s easier to buy a replacement battery if you remember to take note of the old battery inside the device. This way, you already have the correct size or part number to hand. If it’s an old battery and has since been replaced by a new model, it’s likely you’ll still find its new counterpart by searching online with its old name.

If you don’t have the old battery anymore, try looking in the device’s manual as this should tell you what battery it takes. If you’re still unsure, get in touch with a battery supplier who will be more than happy to help you!