There is no feature in the home more important than your windows. Not only do they allow natural light and fresh air to flow into the home, but they also allow you to see outside, and this can make your home feel much bigger, airier and brighter and bring the outside in. As a homeowner, you will want to do all that you can to look after your windows so that they look their best at all times. This is not easy, though, as windows have to withstand the elements, and this can take its toll (especially in the UK!). So, how can you look after your windows?

Clean Regularly

The most obvious step that you need to take is to wash your windows on a regular basis, both inside and out. Crucially, make sure that you are using the right cleaning products for the glass itself and the frame. It is generally recommended that you clean your windows once a month, but you might find that certain windows need cleaning more often or less depending on where they are. Many people opt to hire someone to clean the windows outside, which can save you from having to do it yourself and ensure that those high up windows get a good clean on a regular basis.

Examine for Damage

While cleaning your windows, you should always inspect for signs of damage on the glass and surrounding frame. If you notice any crack or split, it is best to get it replaced straight away, and this is also for your own safety.

Open and Close Often

Many people find that their windows can become stuck (especially in older homes), and there are a number of reasons why this might be. You can usually prevent this simply by opening and closing the windows on a regular basis to ensure that the mechanism works properly – you should also clean the nooks and crannies to avoid debris building up.

Use Bay Window Shutters

Bay window shutters from companies such as ShuttersUp can also be a good investment to look after your windows and improve your life. With bay window shutters, you can protect the glass while also having greater control over the temperature, light, privacy and security in your home. Bay window shutters can also look fantastic from both the inside and out and could even add value to your property.

Protect During Winter

You might also find that you need to take action to protect your windows in the harsh winter months as the wind, rain, snow and low temperature can all take their toll. Exterior shutters are the best way to do this and will help to protect your windows and home from the elements.

These tips should help you to look after the windows in your home and keep them in the best condition at all times. Windows can make an enormous difference to any property, but they are also a feature that needs looking after, particularly with the unpredictability of the British weather.