Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 12.45.00Seven members of staff at TT2 Limited, the company that operates the Tyne Tunnels, celebrate a combined 210 years of service at the North East infrastructure icon this year.

Tunnels Officers Alan Carty, Karl Walters and Ian Hindson all started work at the site in 1985, as did Shift Controller Mac Carr, Site Supervisor Geoff Hunt, Maintenance Officer Paul Gracen and Operations Manager Stuart Sutton.

Their longevity of service is a continued testament to employment at the site and the loyalty of staff. In 2014, three members of the Tyne Tunnels team reached 30 years of service at the Tunnels, taking the combined service of 10 members of staff to more than 300 years.

Rachel Turnbull, Chief Executive of TT2 Limited, said: “The length of service our employees achieve is exceptional. Almost a quarter of our workforce has been working at the Tyne Tunnels for 30 years, and I believe few companies can boast such retention of great staff.

“It’s believed by many that the days of a job for life are a thing of the past, but we have staff here who show that it is possible to remain in a business for the best part of your working life. This is something we are all very proud of and it reflects the way our staff feel valued and rewarded by their careers.”