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4 Items That Can Help Increase The Value Of Your Home

ByDave Stopher

Jun 17, 2020

So after spending lockdown holed up in our homes we’ve had plenty of time to work out what we would want to improve around the house, maybe you don’t like your spare bedroom or don’t like layout of your kitchen. Home improvement is always a noble task and as a bonus, some home improvements can increase the value of your home, so let’s look at some home improvement projects to help increase the value of your home.


Starting off with one of the bigger changes that will up the value of your home, a conservatory. They’re more affordable and less work than a full fledged extension, but a well built conservatory can increase your home value by at least 5%.

Not only do you get a bump on your valuation, but you also have a delightful space for relaxing and taking in nature from your garden, there are plenty of things you can use your conservatory for, but however you use it, it’ll be a nice addition to your home.

New Blinds

This may not seem like they’d add value to your home, but having all your windows decorated in new blinds can actually increase the value of your home, but cosmetic changes like blinds make your house look nicer and as such you can add a bit more to your asking price when it’s time to sell.

Beyond the aesthetic improvement to your home, most modern blinds like those from DotcomBlinds also have functional purpose to them, they will reduce the cost of heating bills in the winter by insulating heat and reduce electricity spend on cooling in the summer as many blinds have solar reflective features to keep the inside of your home cool.

Air Conditioning Unit

In the UK air conditioning units aren’t as common as they are in the US, for one reason: it’s just not as hot over here. But when the heat hits the UK, it catches us unprepared and we spend the few days we get of good weather complaining about the heat and trying to get a fan from argos before they sell out.

This is where an AC unit comes in handy, whilst it won’t be needed all the time, when it is needed it’ll be a great thing to have at the ready and in terms of increasing your homes value, you’ll have a unique addition in the AC unit that not many places have, giving you the leeway to ask for a higher sale price.