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4 Responsibilities of Landlord

Being a landlord is not easy. Yes, real estate is the best investment option, but maintaining it is no piece of cake. Following, we are describing what your responsibilities are as a landlord, especially to your tenant. So, read carefully!

Respecting the Building Laws

Being a landlord, you are responsible for the protection and well-being of your tenant. You can do it if you assure the property complies with the safety codes of the building. These can regulate the following:

Most towns need you to have your property inspected before you rent it to anyone. The inspectors will assure your building complies with safely codes like having a working smoke, and carbon monoxide detector along with meeting the standards of habitability (having running water all day long).

Take care of Repairs

Being a landlord, you are responsible for taking care of repairs and assure the building (and its amenities) are in top-notch condition. For instance, if the roof starts to leak, you are supposed to get it repaired. Don’t worry; you don’t have to replace the whole roof because of a small leak, a small (and affordable) fixture will suffice. You don’t need any over the top solutions to get anything fixed.

Maintain areas with high traffic

There is a landlord-tenant law you have to follow if you are living in Edinburgh. According to this law, the landlord is responsible for maintaining every common area of the building. This includes the following responsibilities:

Keep Everyone Safe: You are responsible for keeping the area safe and assure it’ well lit. It’s only possible if the light fixtures are in working condition and they have working bulbs. This also means you need to keep the area free from hazards that may lead to an injury. This could be faulty banisters, unsafe stairs, etc.

Keep Your Property Clean: The landlord is responsible for keeping the building clean. It’s imperative if the building has more than one unit. They don’t need to be in pristine condition, but you should make sure it’s free from trash or other debris. If the tenant is keeping their unit dirty continuously, then the landlord can send them a notice, warning them for their behavior. If this behavior doesn’t stop, then the landlord can file for eviction.

Electricity, Plumbing and Other Issues

The landlord is responsible for continuous provision of following amenities:

This requirement is not for the owner to supply the utility to the tenant. No, they are just responsible for making sure the tenant get these utilities. It doesn’t matter if these are included in the rent or not; you are supposed to assure their provision.



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