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The 5 Best Driving Jobs to Consider


Nov 26, 2017 #Driving, #jobs

Do you love nothing more than getting behind the wheel? If so, a driving job could be right up your street. If you are unsure about the ideal role for you, check out the five best driving jobs to consider.


  • HGV Driver


If you want to explore different areas of the country and enjoy a great salary, you should consider becoming a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) driver. However, it will take a great deal of skill to drive such a big vehicle, which is why you will need to receive professional HGV training to gain the accreditation you need to drive different vehicles, such as a HGV Class 2 (LGV C) or 7.5 tonne – C1.


  • Chauffeur


People who want to wear a suit to work and drive a luxurious car should consider becoming a chauffeur. You’ll be responsible for driving high-flying individuals, families, and friends from A to B. You may also need to run errands for a passenger during a shift. What’s more, you will be responsible for maintaining a vehicle and organising the vehicle’s registrations. As with all driving jobs, you will need a valid and clean driver’s license.


  • A Shuttle Driver


Shuttle drivers will not only need to carry large or small groups of people from one destination to another, but they will also need excellent time keeping skills to ensure people don’t miss a flight, arrive late to an event or reach a destination at the right time.

Most shuttle drivers will therefore run passengers to an airport, hotel, tourist attraction, amusement event, resort locations, plus more. Shuttle drivers may also need to drive different sized vehicles, such as full-sized buses, large vans and electric vehicles. If you don’t mind driving back and forth following the same route all day, every day, it could be the perfect career for you.


  • Taxi Driver


If you want to enjoy a different day every day, you should consider a career as a taxi driver. Each day you will wake up with no idea where you will be going or who you will be picking up, which will make each day a little different from the other. If you are happy to mix with different characters and follow different routes, you could love nothing more than getting behind the wheel of a taxi each day. However, many cab companies will require you to pass a test and a criminal record check.


  • A Delivery Driver


The job of a delivery driver is filled with much responsibility, but can be a lucrative career. Not only will you be responsible for driving a large vehicle to various destinations across a city or town, but you will also need to organise packages and deliver them to different addresses on schedule. One late delivery can therefore lead to customer dissatisfaction. It is therefore essential to have excellent time keeping, organisation and driving skills. While there are no qualifications required, you will need a clean driving licence, excellent eyesight and basic maths and English skills. However, it can be a well-paid job that will allow you to explore different areas and meet with different customers.

By Emily