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5 Factors to Consider When You’re Looking for the Perfect Bubbler


May 5, 2022

Marijuana has been legal in over half of the United States, and the use of bubblers is becoming more and more popular. The market size of recreational marijuana in the US is valued at $3.2 billion. Hence, the demand for bubblers is on the rise.

When it comes to bubblers, there are many things to consider. What material do you want the bubbler to be made out of? What size do you need? How many percolators do you want?

These are the essential questions you need to answer before making your purchase. This article will discuss five factors you should consider when shopping for a bubbler.

1) The Material the Bubbler Is Made of

The essential factor to consider when looking for the perfect bubbler is the material it’s made of. You want a bubbler made of high-quality materials to last a long time and won’t break easily.

Some of the materials are explained below:

  1. a) Borosilicate Glass

It is a type of glass known for being durable and heat-resistant. It’s often used in scientific laboratories and kitchenware to withstand high temperatures.

One advantage of borosilicate glass is that it doesn’t absorb flavors, so your bubbler will taste as it is no matter how many times you use it.

Another advantage is that it’s easy to clean and doesn’t require any unique cleaning solutions. You can find bubblers made of borosilicate glass in various colors and styles.

  1. b) Quartz

Quartz is another durable material that can withstand high temperatures. It’s also known for being flavorless, so your bubbler will taste the same every time you use it.

  1. c) Titanium

Titanium is a strong metal often used in aircraft and spacecraft because of its durability. It’s also resistant to corrosion and sturdier than other metals.

2) Size of the Bubbler

The size of a bubbler is an essential factor to consider because it will determine how easy it is to carry around with you. If you’re looking for something to take on the go, you’ll want something small and compact. If you are looking for something to use at home, size isn’t an issue.

3) Number of Percolators

Percolators are the small holes in the bubbler that help diffuse and cool the smoke: the more percolators there, the more diffusion and cooler the temperature could be.

Some bubblers have multiple chambers with percolators in each one. It offers even more surface area for the smoke to contact water, resulting in a highly smooth hit. However, it also means more maintenance as you’ll have to clean each percolator individually.

4) Whether You Want a Fixed or Removable Downstem

Downstem is the small tube that connects the bowl piece to the bubbler. It allows water to filter and cool your smoke. A fixed downstem is an excellent choice if you want fewer parts to clean and a simpler bubbler overall. They’re less likely to break, too.

If you prefer more control of the airflow and filtration or want to be able to use your bubbler with different bongs, look for a model with a removable downstem. Just make sure it’s the right size and compatible with your bubbler.

5)  Whether You Want a Bent-neck or Not

The neck of the bubbler is essential for a few reasons. First, it affects how easy it is to use. You might have to hunch over the bubbler if the neck is too short to get a good hit. If it’s too long, you might accidentally splash water on yourself when you use it.

Second, the neck can affect how cool the smoke is when you hit it. A longer neck bubbler will have cooler smoke because it has a longer path to travel.


Bubblers are a great way to enjoy your smoking experience while still getting all the benefits of using a water pipe. Depending on the needs and budget, you can get the best bubblers online.

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