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5 Health Benefits of Massage Oil

ByDave Stopher

Sep 7, 2021

Any organic oil can be used as a body massage oil. Nevertheless, some are better than others as massage oils. For instance, the best ones are absorbed easily by the skin, are non-greasy, and prevent dryness. The best massage oils can help to heal many or all parts of the body. Massage oils are selected based on the desired end effects – they help with body relaxation, skin therapy, and muscle healing.

The best massage oil will allow hands to glide over the body skin with little or no friction. They can be used either at work or home, by individuals or therapists. Otherwise, when selecting massage oil, take note of those that make the skin feel greasy, those that go rancid very easily, and the ones that smell badly. Be wary of those that dry out faster. 

The most common types of massage oils include arnica oil which constitutes organic arnica flower extract. However, the base is natural and sunflower seed oils. This type is known to render skin-soothing properties.

Lavender oil is far more popular than arnica or grapeseed oil. As a massage oil, it helps achieve relaxation, promotes sleep, and has moisturizing effects. Grapeseed oil replenishes the skin with essential fatty acids and vitamin E.  

  • Why they are used

Massage oils are used given their anti-inflammatory properties and mainly to lubricate hands and skin during the process. They, therefore, can fight against bacteria easily. Since they have deep penetrating effects on the skin, they are far-reaching. This is in addition to their detoxifying effects helping keep the skin fresh.

  • How they can be used

Massage oils are used by adding a few drops to the hands and rub the hands against each other. Rub the skin with your hands. Rubbing the hands before massaging the skin helps to prevent the hands from feeling too cold on the body skin.

  • Why they are popular? 

Massage oils are popular due to their healing properties. Those that are proven by research to lead to the claimed benefits are widely used. However, of course, they are very popular also due to their acceptance by massage therapists. They are also used in many homes for healing and relieving purposes.

  • What are the health benefits? 

Massage with massage oils helps with muscle recovery from injuries. They can be used on aching muscles, sore, tired, or injured muscles. Massaging helps to improve the circulation of blood to muscles, hence supplying it with more nutrients and minerals like calcium and iron.

Massaging oil promotes relaxation, calmness, and emotional wellbeing. They relieve feelings of depression, reduce cortisol levels, and stress hormones.

  • When they are best used 

Massage oils are used at any time when you feel muscles are injured, you are tired, or just cannot get sleep. As such, they are used in post-workout therapies by sportsmen and virtually any person who goes for a workout. They are also used in massage and beauty parlors for therapy, relaxation, and to promote skin appearance.